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The William Henry Merrill Society

The words “know by test, and state the facts,” spoken by UL Solutions founder William Henry Merrill, Jr., truly embody UL’s message of technical excellence.

The William Henry Merrill Society, established in 2006, formally recognizes UL Solutions employees who have made significant and sustained contributions to the fulfillment of UL Solutions’ public safety mission for a safer, more secure and more sustainable today and tomorrow.


UL Solutions employees honored with the William Henry Merrill Society membership are technical professionals who have been recognized by both UL Solutions and other organizations as the leading authorities in their fields of expertise. Members are UL Solutions employees selected through a detailed analysis of previous job experience, technical achievements, publications, patents, professional affiliations and overall contributions to the fulfillment of UL Solutions’ safety mission.

William Henry Merrill Society members are designated as Distinguished Members of Technical Staff (DMTS) and Corporate Fellows, with Corporate Fellows being held in the highest regard. Both DMTS and Corporate Fellows are prestigious members of WHMS engaged in activities that allow them to influence the future of product safety certification and UL Solutions’ overall business direction, discuss important safety certification issues and identify new initiatives in which UL Solutions can play an active leadership role.

And finally, society members are responsible for sharing their experiences, expertise, commitment and passion, as well as mentoring other staff members within UL Solutions.

Corporate Fellows - Active

  • Kerry M. Bell
  • Sonya Bird
  • Dr. Marilyn Black
  • Ken Boyce
  • Dr. Paul Brazis
  • Thomas Burke
  • Pamela Gwynn
  • Barbara R. Guthrie
  • Dr. William Hoffman
  • Howard Hopper
  • Dr. Judy Jeevarajan
  • Dr. Stephen Kerber
  • Dirk Mueller
  • Dr. Thomas Neumann
  • Bob Pollock
  • Dwayne Sloan
  • Dr. Carl Wang
  • Michael Wiklund

Corporate Fellows - Retired

  • James Beyreis
  • Tom Blewitt
  • Dr. Anne Bonhoff
  • Dr. J. Thomas (Tom) Chapin
  • Dave Dini
  • John Drengenberg
  • George Fechtmann
  • Laurie Florence
  • Dr. Pravin Gandhi
  • Randy Ivans
  • John Kovacik
  • Thomas Lanzisero
  • Gus Schaefer
  • Don Talka