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Residential home, lit up at night

Residential and Consumer Lighting

Leverage UL Solutions' expertise in the residential and consumer lighting industries for essential safety and performance checks, including connected lighting. We can help speed your products to the global market.

Residential and consumer lighting services

UL Solutions has a long history with traditional and decorative lighting in the residential and consumer segments, offering core services of safety testing and certification, performance and energy efficiency, Global Market Access and connected lighting services.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting for the home, consumers and retailers recognize and trust the UL Mark on lighting products. Our global team actively participates in standards development and can help keep you ahead of the curve on new and evolving regulations and industry standards.

For seasonal lighting, UL Solutions has adapted our service bundle to incorporate safety testing and energy efficiency testing under a single program, using elements of UL 588, the Standard for Seasonal Holiday Decorative Products. For portable luminaires we offer an industry-first program aimed at certifying the performance of flashlights, headlamps, area lights, bike lights and spotlights to the new ANSI/PLATO FL-1 2019 Standard. For all consumer lighting products, UL Solutions offers solutions that adapt with the industry.

Smart homes

For years, the changeover from legacy technologies like fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LEDs and energy efficiency concerns dominated the lighting market. Now, emerging connected technology is bringing smart lighting for smart homes to the forefront, and Li-Fi and other developments on the horizon will continue to have an impact.

UL Solutions adapts with the needs of the industry, and we know that in addition to functional and decorative lighting, manufacturers and consumers alike are looking for lighting systems and controls that can integrate with other types of IoT devices to create smart homes with greater comfort, security, lower energy consumption and added value. Let us help you make the transition from lighting as illumination to lighting as an integrated service and fulfill your cybersecurity needs.

Human-centric lighting in the home

As modern lighting trends continue to enhance the indoor and outdoor beauty of a home and its landscape, consumers see lighting as an important tool in transforming their personal space. This increases the demand that lighting be both decorative and functional, and also transformative.

Color-changing LED lights integrated into landscape lighting is a growing trend as more studies indicating the effect on mood emerge, and there are more LED, solar and photovoltaic (PV) lighting options than ever before for outdoor features like yard, deck and pool areas.  

Interior lighting is a central aspect of a home, but beyond design and décor, human-centric and circadian lighting for homes has put new attention on the role of light in our lives. UL Solutions recognizes that beyond utility, the future of lighting is connected to its impact on human health and well-being. The recent publication of UL DG 24480, Design Guideline for Promoting Circadian Entrainment with Light for Day-Active People, creates an optional baseline performance goal for indoor lighting specifiers and building owners to consider when seeking circadian entrainment in addition to quality illumination.

Indoor and decorative

Learn more about UL Solutions resources for indoor, for any room in the house. From design and utility to new connected technology and lighting that affects sleep, mood and behavior, UL Solutions is in tune with the future of lighting.

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Outdoor and landscape

Explore UL Solutions services that address safety and performance for outdoor or landscape lighting, including low voltage photovoltaic and solar solutions, and weather testing.

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Portable luminaires

Find information on UL Solutions performance testing and reporting methods for portable lighting products that emit directional light for the benefit of retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

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Seasonal lighting

Learn more about how UL Solutions provides safety and compliance testing and certification services to the decorative and seasonal lighting industry and qualify for Energy Star® requirements.

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Residential and consumer resources

UL Solutions has lighting safety, performance, Global Market Access and connected lighting services for all luminaire and electric signs categories, and we are constantly adapting to the needs of the industry to find testing solutions for new technologies.

As the most recognized lighting certifier in the U.S., the UL Mark gives customers and regulatory authorities the confidence in your products’ compliance, and our worldwide presence give you regional support for international standards testing and certification.

For additional support, please visit Locations, and select the site and contact number convenient to your location.


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