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UL Marketing Claim Verification for Lighting

Learn more about ways to differentiate your lighting products in a crowded market with UL Verify.

The UL Verified Mark over a brightly lit cityscape.

Marketing Claim Verification 

The UL Verified Mark delivers the confidence to consumers that a brand’s marketing claim is accurate, truthful, and credible. UL Solutions provides a searchable database of Verified claims by brand, company name, product name and the claim’s unique identifier that help differentiate lighting products in a crowded market.     

Leverage UL Solutions’ brand awareness and reputation. We rigorously evaluate hundreds of marketing claims each year to provide confidence and peace of mind to buyers around the world. Our methods have earned the public’s confidence, and brands that earn a UL Verified Mark are universally recognized as delivering on their claims.    

Our global network provides solutions developed with market access in mind. UL Solutions has safety and performance lighting laboratories across the world, delivering an international presence with local expertise in the local language across your target markets to develop and test to individual marketing claims.   

UL Solutions has flexible solutions

Every UL Verification project is unique, adapted to the need of the manufacturer and the claim they wish to use to differentiation themselves in the market. UL Solutions works with the customer at every step of the process.

The UL Verified Mark starts with the basic Verified Mark which includes two important modules; the claim module provides a high-level description of the claims verified by UL Solutions, and the unique identifier enables users to look up more information about a specific UL verification.

UL Solutions has a searchable database of all Verified claims. Customers can search by company, product type, category and more to find details of the claim, the way it was tested and results, and information about the manufacturer.


Anatomy of the UL Verified Mark

Basic marketing claim verification mark
Basic Verification Mark

All claims include this UL Mark to indicate it has been tested and Verified by UL Solutions. 

Claim module on a marketing claim verification mark
Claim Module

The basic UL Mark indicates that UL Solutions has Verified the marketing claim. 

Unique identifier on a marketing claim verification mark
Unique Identifier

The unique identifier enables users to look up more information about a specific UL Verification.

Key resources

UL Marketing Claim Verification Low Optical Flicker

134.09 KB

Blue light verification mark

696.24 KB

UL Marketing Claim Verification for Lighting

927.98 KB

MCV Smart Systems Rating Program Brochure

3.25 MB

MCV for Color Rendition TM-30-20

3.76 MB

Battery Run Time MCV for Photovoltaic Lighting

5.28 MB

Circadian-Effective Luminaire Performance UL Marketing Claim Verification

2.67 MB

Circadian Heat Mapping and UL Marketing Claim Verification

2.94 MB

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