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Infrastructure Lighting

Partner with UL Solutions for all your street lighting and infrastructure lighting safety, reliability and performance testing needs.

Infrastructure lighting and smart solutions

For all types of municipal lighting, including roadways, walkways, bridges and tunnels, parking garages and more, manufacturers and municipalities, transportation authorities and utilities are invested in the capabilities for smart lighting and controls solutions. Trusted and recognized around the globe, UL Solutions provides core services of safety testing and certification, performance measurement, global market access and connected lighting for emerging smart streetlighting and infrastructure lighting.

As new projects integrate innovations in LED lighting; safety, utility and the ability to withstand harsh environments are key factors, along with the opportunity to save money on operating costs with new, energy efficient systems. Safety, reliability and performance are critical factors to achieving your goals, and we can help you on that path.

No matter the application, manufacturers, municipalities and specifiers recognize and trust the UL Mark on lighting products. Our global team actively participates in standards development and can help keep you ahead of the curve on new and evolving regulations and industry standards.

Smart cities and roadways

Since every infrastructure lighting project has unique needs and engineering challenges, designers, manufacturers and specifiers need flexible options for safety testing and certification, energy efficiency, and performance testing and cybersecurity.

UL Solutions adapts with the needs of the industry; as lighting is retrofitted into existing streetlighting or integrated into smart city applications that provide Wi-Fi and monitor air quality, noise, traffic, parking and more, we can help you with testing solutions for simple or complex projects. Engage with our engineers early in your project to get ahead in preparing for compliance.

Photovoltaic lighting

The market for viable and practical mid-sized photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems is growing as the technology has become more reliable and cost-effective. PV-powered luminaire systems are ideal for illuminating areas without a utility connection or to reduce the electrical use and cost for areas with an available connection. As a result, PV solutions are of interest to manufacturers, property owners, utilities and municipalities for public spaces and infrastructure applications like parking lots, park post lights and streetlights.

UL Solutions recently announced UL 8801, Outline of Investigation for Photovoltaic Luminaires, to provide safety certification specifically for PV luminaires and their systems, plus an optional performance evaluation, and can evaluate more complex modules and systems.

Roadway lighting

Learn more about how street lighting and roadway luminaire products are tested and certified, including new SASO requirements.

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Pole mounted luminaires

Learn about UL Solutions’ services and capabilities, including photovoltaic pole mounted luminaires.

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UL Solutions infrastructure lighting services

As the most recognized lighting certifier in the U.S., the UL Mark gives customers and regulatory authorities the confidence in your products’ compliance, and our worldwide presence gives you regional support for international standards testing and certification.

UL Solutions has lighting safety, performance, global market access and connected lighting services for all luminaire and electric signs categories, and we adapt to the needs of the industry as technologies emerge and converge. In cases where new technology is ahead of standards development, we create outlines of investigations that can help define benchmarks.

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