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Learn about our EMR medical system solution for occupational medicine clinics and hospitals, offering company-centric protocols that help your clinic bill quickly and accurately.

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Practice management software for occupational health

Our powerful tool helps hospital-affiliated and independent occupational medicine practices streamline the process of recording information during clinic visits and offers company specific protocols that help your clinic bill quickly and accurately.

Real-time healthcare requires real-time records

For hospital-affiliated and independent occupational medicine practices SYSTOC helps occupational medicine providers keep detailed patient medical records in real time and bill for services quickly and accurately. The end result? Before patients walk out the door, the bulk of the provider’s documentation work is already finished.

Simplified patient encounters

In an occupational medicine clinic, recording appropriate detail on the patient encounter usually exceeds the normal scope of any traditional patient electronic medical record system. SYSTOC gives occupational medicine professionals the flexibility to document a patient visit and ongoing treatment, creating a holistic view of the patient’s occupational medicine record.

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Document in real-time and say goodbye to medical transcription

With Tap2Chart, clinics can:

  • Document the patient visit in real-time
  • Choose from a library of common injury templates
  • Configure prescription pad screen to meet clinic’s needs
  • Write the patient note directly in the Electronic Medical Record

Eliminate the need for medical transcription with Tap2Chart, SYSTOC’s web-based patient documentation tool.

Client-specific customizations

SYSTOC improves client satisfaction by allowing you to create client-specific patient handling and billing procedures, give employers faster access to lab results online, and reduce wait times with electronic forms that can be completed ahead of time.

SYSTOC and its audit functions help us manage reimbursement by ensuring that we have adequate documentation for work injuries. And it helps us with client company communications.

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Get even more from SYSTOC®

Learn about SYSTOC®

Immunization registry

The software pulls all necessary healthcare data directly into the desired format, eliminating the need for a manual upload to the state immunization registry.


SYSTOC EDI generates 837 Professional and Institutional claims (the industry-standard format) and supporting documentation that you can send to the clearinghouse of your choice. With SYSTOC EDI, clinics can submit invoice data quickly resulting in faster payment. Improve cash flow and efficiency by transmitting invoices electronically.

Employer portal

Download records of your employees’ occupational visit results and keep them in your own online database for easy access and storage.

HL7 exchange

SYSTOC enables occupational medicine clinics to securely send orders to and receive results from labs and radiology facilities through HL7 exchange. In addition, hospital-owned clinics no longer need to re-enter patient registration information – patient demographics and insurance information – when a patient comes into the clinic.


Utilizing ePrescribe improves patient safety and saves time by electronically generating and routing prescriptions securely and efficiently. It provides seamless integration between the Clinician ePrescribe interface, Tap2Chart, and SYSTOC to maintain current allergy and medication information.

Case management

Each time a patient is seen for a work related injury or illness in an occupational medicine clinic, the visit must be documented and a case created. SYSTOC gives occupational medicine professionals flexibility to document the patient visit and ongoing treatment, creating a holistic view of the patient’s occupational medicine record.


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