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UL Marketing Claim Verification for LiteTrace

Shenzhen LiteTrace’s intelligent lighting controller achieved the first gold cybersecurity level for UL MCV 1376 in Mainland China.

Security Capabilities Verified GOLD

February 8, 2022

Shenzhen LiteTrace’s Bluetooth® smart lighting controller has achieved the first gold cybersecurity level for UL MCV 1376 Internet of Things (IoT) Network Security in Mainland China.

Shenzhen LiteTrace Technology provides consumers professional wireless IoT intelligent lighting solutions, including commercial lighting controllers with enterprise-level reliability; an intuitive, user-friendly management and configuration app; and safe, stable and reliable cloud platform services. LiteTrace Technology’s intelligent lighting system facilitates mutual communication and cooperative control of a large number of wireless devices that do not require an internet connection. Combined with LiteTrace Technology’s patented human motion sensor algorithm and daylight dynamic compensation algorithm, offices, schools, warehouses, factories, and other indoor and outdoor applications widely use this lighting system.

Shenzhen LiteTrace Technology considers network security and user data protection an important part of product development. UL’s IoT network security verification test demonstrates LiteTrace’s capabilities in IoT systems and product development, network security and user data protection, as well as its past achievements in network security investment. 

As the global LED lighting market grows, lighting products’ production technology and development direction also make breakthroughs. To control lighting modes, intelligent lighting products use numerous technologies that face interconnection and network security challenges. To this end, UL provides various inspection services to investigate customers’ product connectivity and network security issues. In particular, UL has introduced the IoT cybersecurity rating verification to give customers more confidence when purchasing and using customer products and to increase competition among brands and manufacturers.

UL MCV 1376 IoT Cybersecurity Rating verification involves security management systems, network security connections, data security storage and transmission, system architecture design, app and cloud platform security audits and maintenance, protection against dangerous attacks and malware threats, secure and reliable software upgrades and maintenance, and more. Audit, test and simulate attacks on all your IoT systems and products to verify that, in an increasingly volatile network security environment, you can provide your customers with the secure and reliable IoT systems and products they need.

LiteTrace’s UL MCV 1376 IoT Cybersecurity Rating verification proves to consumers that the company’s systems and products:

  • Meet globally recognized network security needs
  • Adopt the industry’s best-practice security measures
  • Meet the cybersecurity challenges of IoT applications in commercial environments

UL continues to provide high-quality cybersecurity verification services for smart lighting enterprises and fields. In this way, we make products and wireless solutions more secure to help our customers better expand the market and achieve consumers’ trust.

Differentiate your brand with the world’s leading third-party experts in testing and certification. UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims.

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