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Quality Assurance and Responsible Sourcing for Jewelry and Watches

Our full suite of services will help protect your product and your good name, a necessity for success in the jewelry industry.

Cut diamonds


Whether you want to implement a quality assurance program, initiate responsible sourcing measures, test your product’s safety, or tap into a global market access service, UL Solutions is one of the jewelry industry’s most trusted and valuable resources. We can help you do it all. ­

Fine-fashion and children’s jewelry testing services

We offer safety, performance and quality assurance checks specifically targeted to meet the needs of children’s jewelry manufacturers. Services include:

  • UL Solutions diamond verification programs
  • UL Solutions finished jewelry verification programs
  • Gemstone verification and identification
  • Precious metal verification
  • Plating thickness and fineness
  • Plating and base metal material composition
  • Quality and performance testing
  • Fire assay
  • Regulatory compliance testing
Jewelry inspection services

Our comprehensive program provides a vital check on product and manufacturing quality at every stage of production to help minimize any potential quality issues along your supply chain. Services include:

  • Verification of diamond and gemstone cut, color, weight and quality range
  • Required country of origin, trademark and fineness stampings
  • Client proprietary requirements
  • Casting, construction and overall manufacturing quality
  • Precious metal weight verification; stone setting quality; plating color
  • Labeling, boxing and packing requirements
  • Raw materials traceability
  • Quantity verification, functionality and sizing
  • Workmanship and aesthetics
  • Responsible sourcing
Jewelry store compliance testing and certification solutions

We provide extensive services for jewelry stores including access control, burglar alarm controls, intrusion sensors, ballistics, locks and other electronic and physical security products. Services include:

  • Advisory
  • Data Acceptance Program
  • Global Market Access
  • Pre-certification review
  • Product certification

For watch manufacturers, we provide industry-dedicated regulatory testing, quality assurance, supply chain management and Global Market Access services.


To ensure that you can gain global market access, we test to international, federal, regional and industry standards. We are registered with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as an accredited third-party testing laboratory and our global Jewelry Centers for Excellence are staffed with a dedicated team comprised of seasoned industry professionals and safety scientists. Our resources, knowledge and expertise enables us to provide monitoring, training and advisory services to help you comply with social and environmental laws in all of your target markets.

Why UL Solutions 

As one of the world’s most trusted names in third-party product testing and certification, we can help you gain instant credibility in a competitive marketplace. Credibility means that consumers will trust you when you make claims about your products, such as gemstone cut, clarity and color. In a landscape that is flooded with unsubstantiated quality claims, that’s a big deal. It can set you apart from the pack.

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