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Responsible Sourcing for Supply Chains

Our responsible sourcing program helps you advance sustainable business practices within your supply chain by making improvements in the areas of social and environmental responsibility, brand protection, supply chain security and raw material sourcing.

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Whether you want to build a responsible sourcing program from the ground up or you simply want to improve an existing one, our responsible sourcing program can help. We take a strategic approach to addressing supply chain responsibility issues while simultaneously helping you fulfill your corporate social responsibility goals.


We take a customizable and holistic approach to supporting the development of your responsible sourcing program. We appreciate that every company is different, which is why we take the time to understand your specific business needs. We’ll analyze your supply chain and help you make every improvement necessary to ensure that it is operating at peak performance. That’s how we help you achieve what’s possible, and that’s what makes us different.

Our responsible sourcing program consists of five integral pillars:

  • Building a program foundation  We help you build social responsibility program foundations through supply chain standards development, creation of policies and procedures, establishment of auditing programs and benchmarking against industry standards.
  • Analyzing and prioritizing risk  We help you analyze and prioritize risks through supply chain mapping and desktop and field research with tools, such as risk indices and self-assessment questionnaires.
  • Improving supplier performance  We support program adoption and implementation through targeted communication with internal staff and suppliers by developing tools and approaches, such as supplier manuals and training.
  • Educating clients and suppliers  We have a team of dedicated specialists who can help improve supplier performance through capacity-building engagements such as corrective and preventative action plan management, supplier training and consultation, and program data analytics and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Auditing  We support both brand-owned auditing programs and audit schemes. We can execute special assessments and investigations and provide our own audit approach through our proprietary social, environmental, traceability, security and brand protection tools.

The steps in our responsible sourcing program.

Why UL

Our responsible sourcing program is dedicated to advancing sustainable business practices within supply chains. Drawing on more than 20 years of industry leadership, we help manufacturers, brands and retailers around the world provide tailored solutions to their responsible sourcing challenges. We have a global team of subject matter experts in the areas of social responsibility, environmental responsibility, brand protection, supply chain security, extractives and raw material sourcing.

In an effort to continuously enhance our expertise and positively impact the industries in which we serve, we engage in a thought leadership capacity with various key associations and industry groups which support the advancement of social compliance and responsible sourcing worldwide, including

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