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Raw Materials Traceability Services

UL Solutions helps companies mitigate exposure associated with raw materials sourcing.

Raw material on conveyor belt before being crushed at copper mine in northern Chile.

Increased legislation, such as the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act and the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation, and consumer pressure are compelling companies to ensure that the raw materials used in their products originate from ethical sources. 

Integrated with each customer’s sourcing practices, UL Solutions raw materials services trace product components, verify origin and trade documentation and the due diligence of raw material sourcing. 

A solution for each sourcing practice 

  • Program development works with you to create and implement  strategies that help companies comply with traceability requirements while complementing their holistic, responsible sourcing goals. 
  • Traceability assessments investigate the source of raw materials used in a product.
  • Due diligence assessments verify and evaluate  that management systems are in place to identify and react to risks   in a supply chain and bring them into view, helping you identify additional resources necessary for compliance with legal and other traceability requirements.
  • Supplier training enables supply chain partners to understand and share the company’s responsible sourcing goals as they pertain to raw material procurement.
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Raw materials traceability services

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