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Environmental Services

UL Solutions environmental services help companies establish and communicate their responsible sourcing program standards.

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Creation of codes, expectations and program elements 

Increasing attention to ethical issues requires organizations to be socially responsible by investing in human and environmental capital. UL Solutions offers a variety of environmental services to help you develop environmental policy and strategy, as well as performance testing and benchmarking. 

Environmental policy and strategy development 

A code of conduct serves as the foundation of an effective environmental program as it embodies a company’s core values and vision for environmental responsibility. 

Our subject matter experts work closely with your staff to assess your needs and expectations and clarify the purpose of the envisioned code. You may request alignment of your code with current and forthcoming supply chain compliance regulations, industry best practices, international standards and peer or customer standards.

Our offerings are designed to meet individualized needs and maximize program results. We offer a range of options to meet your needs, including benchmarking, developing, and enhancing environmental policies.

Environmental policy benchmarking

Our environmental policy benchmarking service helps evaluate your environmental policy against industry best practices and initiatives across a number of criteria. Benchmarking reports include a visual gap assessment involving a comparison chart, a narrative analysis and a summary of recommendations to help enhance your environmental policy.

Environmental policy comparison

Our environmental policy comparison service studies your peers’, customers’ and competitors’ published initiatives and best-practice environmental policies to reveal common standards and language. This service helps you identify target code standards. The comparison can serve as a basis for developing your environmental policy.

Environmental policy enhancement

Our environmental policy enhancement service can help you analyze and improve an existing code within the context in which you operate. Our subject matter experts identify gaps and offer recommendations to help you set and communicate standards better. Policy enhancement services are only available for existing policies.

Environmental strategy consulting

Our Responsible Sourcing group offers environmental strategy advisory services to help you design a practical tool for implementing environmental programs throughout your supply chain.


Creating policies, expectations and program components requires a well-informed approach that considers industry trends and efforts. While environmental programs fall on a continuum, from minimum to leading practice, all companies seek to evaluate the progress they have made within their industry and identify opportunities for enhancement.

If you are looking to develop or enhance your environmental policies, our Responsible Sourcing group offers two complementary services: program benchmarking and program element benchmarking.

Program benchmarking

Our program benchmarking services help analyze environmental efforts in the supply chain and environmental programs through comparisons with peers, competitors or best-in-class corporations. Benchmarking evaluates your company’s practices against industry norms and leading practices across a number of criteria agreed upon by the customer and UL Solutions.

Program element benchmarking

Our program element benchmarking services help evaluate your environmental program documents through comparisons with published documents of peers, competitors and best-in-class corporations or initiatives.

Examples of program element benchmarking include code of conduct requirements, grading matrices and scorecards, audit reports and audit question sets.

In addition to proprietary schemes, UL Solutions can help with your environmental needs through supply chain educational services, and a variety of audits based on Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) guidelines, including:

  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)
  • Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI)
  • Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM)
  • Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS)
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