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Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessments

Obtain valuable information on workplace conditions within your supply chain with help from UL Solutions’ Responsible Sourcing group.

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With over 25 years in the social auditing industry, UL Solutions' Responsible Sourcing group leverages institutional knowledge and on-the-ground insight to provide you with key information on workplace conditions within your supply chain. 

The areas evaluated as part of the assessment and the protocols followed in the field of the Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessment (RSWA) are benchmarked against key industry frameworks such as: Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP), Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and recommendations, and the assessment guidelines set by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA). 

Benefits of UL Solutions’ Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessments

Turn-key implementation

Standardized protocols, assessment procedures and reporting tools allow our global network of auditors to swiftly and effectively execute assessments, without the need for additional auditor training and program setup.

Quality and consistency 

UL Solutions’ Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessments provide the platform for uniform assessment execution across countries and industries. Auditor guidance helps ensure clarity regarding the interpretation of questions that make up the assessment tool. All assessment reports are subject to a thorough review process to help ensure consistent report quality worldwide. 

Experienced auditors

UL Solutions’ social assessments are conducted by professionals with college degrees in related fields, as well as specialized skills in conflict management, investigative techniques and gathering and handling sensitive information. Auditors are evaluated in the field on an ongoing basis to ensure strict adherence to assessment guidelines. 

Commitment to integrity 

All auditors follow a statement of integrity that addresses bribery and unethical behavior during the assessment. This statement is presented to the facility and signed by both parties at the start of the assessment to ensure mutual acceptance of UL Solutions’ integrity standards. 

Continually updated scope and protocols

UL Solutions continually reviews and enhances the scope and protocols that make up the RSWA, keeping our customers abreast of industry trends and changes in prevailing standards related to social responsibility. 

Responsible Workplace Assessment basis

UL Solutions’ assessment findings are identified through visual observation, worker and management interviews and documentation review conducted on the date of the facility on-site visit.

Findings are based on:

  • Specific laws and regulations within the assessment scope
  • Relevant international standards 
  • Minimum recommendations based on industry standards
  • Client’s code of conduct, as applicable

UL Solutions’ Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessments scope

The Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessment and Enhanced Management Systems and Environment cover physical areas including:

  • Production areas
  • Storage areas
  • Living and eating areas for non-management employees

The scope of UL Solutions’ Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessments also includes ethics and business integrity, environmental responsibility, facility supply chain profiles, health and safety, labor practices and management systems.

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