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Guo Biao (GB) Standards for China Market Access

UL Solutions can conduct GB tests and assessments, from selection of raw materials to finished product inspections, to help ensure that you are in compliance with Chinese national standards. Adhering to GB standards is essential for successful entry into China.

A mother and her daughter look at a clothing store window display in China.

Testing to Guo Biao (GB) standards for access to the Chinese market

Following highly publicized cases of substandard products, product quality is high on the public agenda in China. Chinese consumers demand higher quality goods from homegrown and foreign brands alike. The Chinese government is taking proactive steps to improve product quality by setting national standards known as GB across various industries. It is essential for foreign brands to comply with applicable Chinese national and industrial standards for successful entry into China.

The GB process involves more than just qualification approval. Authorities conduct frequent spot checks and market surveillance to ensure products maintain compliance postlaunch. The focus is to track the quality of products in China and enforce the latest requirements.

Our GB assessment services

  • Product testing
  • Chemical management review
  • Care instructions and label review
  • Risk assessment
  • Formulation of client specific enterprise protocols

Meet the appropriate Chinese national safety standards

  • UL Solutions can issue reports on behalf of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and the China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval (CMA).
  • UL Solutions cooperates with Shanghai Nanhui Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to provide faster and more efficient service to customers. The Nanhui Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau accepts UL’s textile test report as mandatory.
  • UL Solutions’ Shanghai laboratory is approved by the Shanghai Administration for Industry to perform market supervision and spot checks.
  • UL Solutions keeps up-to-date with Chinese government policy and regulatory changes, and thus provides valuable insight to customers.
  • UL Solutions can offer online label approval for certain brands.

Why UL Solutions for GB tests

As an industry leader with a global service network and in-depth understanding of product testing requirements, UL Solutions Consumer and Retail Services can conduct GB tests based on Chinese national standards to help accelerate your speed-to-market.

We actively participate in standardization work in China and track market trends. Our team is well-versed in China’s regulations, which means that we can help you minimize compliance risks and safety challenges when entering the market.  

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China Market Access

National Standards for Textile and Apparel


China GB Standard Brochure for Textile and Clothing

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