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UL Verified Mark for Consumer Products

We can verify the accuracy of your product’s marketing claims to help you deliver instant credibility in a competitive marketplace.

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The UL Verified Mark differentiates consumer products in the marketplace

Not all products are created equal, but it can seem that way to shoppers, especially considering how many mixed messages appear on packaging nowadays. We can help you standout from the crowd. By having your marketing and specification claims validated with a UL Verified Mark, shoppers can trust that your product will deliver what you say it will.

The UL Verified Mark program helps support your brand’s quality, increase your credibility, and build consumer trust. We offer a variety of validation services to assess and confirm key product features, sustainability efforts and service benefits.

Specifically, our Marketing Claim Verification brings greater credibility to product claims and leverages the established objectivity and power of the UL Solutions brand. This Mark has been particularly designed for use on your products, packaging, advertisements and promotional items.

The UL Verified Mark for competitive brand strength

Through rigorous scientific analysis, we can help you prove to the marketplace that your products do, in fact, live up to their claims and do not perpetuate false labeling. The UL Verified Mark enables you to confidently showcase your brand’s quality at a consumer level — giving you instant credibility and a clear advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Receiving UL's Verified Mark for consumer products

As one of the world’s most trusted names in third-party product verification, we can help you gain instant credibility in a competitive marketplace. Credibility means that consumers will trust that your products will perform as you say they will. In a landscape that is flooded with unsubstantiated marketing fluff, that’s a big deal — it can set you apart from the pack.

Even more so, our services can give you the knowledge and resources needed to transform your quality assurance efforts into true market leadership. You’ll be empowered to create better products while simultaneously enabling your customers to make smarter purchasing decisions.

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