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Consumer Sensory Testing

Increase consumer acceptance of new products with sensory testing. UL Solutions evaluates and assesses consumer preferences and tastes in our testing laboratories.

Consumer Sensory Testing

Consumer sensory testing for product development

Sensory attributes such as look, smell, sound, taste or touch can play a significant role in a consumer’s experience with your products. Our science-backed sensory testing and consumer study services can help you gain consumer acceptance and help you avoid potential quality issues in the future.

Benefits of sensory testing and consumer acceptability 

Understanding a consumer’s sensory experience can help uncover design flaws and key marketing features you will need to know for a successful product launch or to differentiate your items in the marketplace.

Consumer sensory testing for product development can be performed for a variety of industries such as:

Dietary supplements  

Dietary supplements

Food and Beverage


Food and beverage

Pet Products  

Pet products

OTC and pharmaceuticals


OTC and pharmaceuticals

Personal Care and Beauty  

Personal care and beauty

Household cleaning products


Household cleaning products

Class 1 medical devices  

Class 1 medical devices

Paper products and consumables


Paper products and consumables

Consumer sensory testing laboratories - global locations

To find a lab nearest you for consumer sensory testing, please contact us at one of our global locations.

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Why UL Solutions for consumer sensory testing

Our sensory panels, comprised of trained experts, evaluate your products to determine if they are consistent with your preferred sensory characteristics and to uncover what is needed for optimization. Our consumer panels assist you in measuring potential market acceptance and help you enhance product features to maintain a competitive advantage.

Our state-of-the-art sensory facilities include a CLT room (central location testing), test kitchen, focus group room, personal care laboratory and sink room, sensory booths, color masking lighting and more.

We offer a variety of sensory and consumer acceptance related evaluations including:

  • Trained descriptive panels
  • Shelf-life and stability studies
  • Degree of difference testing
  • Product cuttings
  • Claim substantiation and product optimization
  • On-site sensory testing and product evaluations
  • Comparison testing
  • A variety of consumer studies options
  • Training and advisory services

For more information on our sensory testing capabilities, please contact us today.

Consumer Sensory Testing at UL Solutions

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