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Product Sourcing and Certifications Database

Quickly access UL certification information with the powerful search engine Product iQ®.

Access Product iQ

UL Product iQ® combines UL Safety Certification information trusted around the globe with the intuitive design and functionality of a modern search engine. This intuitive search tool allows you to quickly locate the product or component that will meet your needs. If you don’t have an exact certification number, no worries. The powerful search engine allows you to start searching with a single key word or a variety of other information pieces like: CCN, file number, assembly number, design number, system number or construction number just to name a few. Refining search results with filters makes it easy to also identify alternate solutions.

Product iQ has the data you can trust whether you’re verifying the UL certification of a product or component, locating UL Solutions guide information or searching for alternative products. This powerful database features robust and intuitive search features, advanced search and filtering options and access to UL Solutions guide information.

Many engineers, product developers, architects and other professionals upgrade their accounts to enjoy the ability to:

  • Access printable UL certification letters
  • Save regularly used, custom and complex queries 
  • Leverage custom tagging and grouping of content
  • Receive automatic notification of updates to a search or file

Start exploring Product iQ today!

You can obtain information about the validity of a given certification by contacting the UL Solutions Customer Experience Center. Phone number: 877-854-3577- Email: CEC [at] ul [dot] com

UL Product iQ overview

Watch this video to learn how you can quickly access UL certification and guide information.