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Automotive EMC Testing and Certification

We can give you a leg up on the competition by helping you enhance vehicle safety and performance — key differentiators in a buyers’ purchasing decision.

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The role of EMC testing in the automotive industry 

For today’s tech-savvy car buyers, in-vehicle electronics are no longer luxury items. Buyers’ expectations require connectivity as a standard option and one’s personal mobile device should work seamlessly and securely with the vehicle’s infotainment system. Also high on the buyers’ wish list are advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) with radar, light detection and arranging (LiDAR) and cameras sensors that collectively provide a greater level of vehicle safety.

We offer a full-range of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless automotive testing services to not only meet these expectations, but to exceed consumer demand for safety, security and performance.

Meet OEM standards

Vehicle electronic subassemblies and components pose unique testing challenges to recreate the in-vehicle device operation and monitor performance in a laboratory setting. UL Solutions' expert engineers assist automotive suppliers with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recognized EMC validation testing of varied component types, such as switches, motors, electronic control units (ECUs), lighting assemblies, electric vehicle (EV) battery control modules and even complex infotainment modules to meet OEM testing requirements.

European market and ESAs

We are third-party accredited and test to global OEM standards, including major automotive manufacturers. To help you gain access to the European market, we are also authorized to test automotive electronic/electric subassemblies (ESAs) for compliance with the Vehicle Type Directive and the E Mark certification of components.

Test for interoperability

All major automotive manufacturers have Bluetooth® integrated into their cars to enable drivers to operate their mobile phone handsfree for added safety and convenience. The mobile phone is at the center of the user experience in the vehicle, and incompatibilities with a single phone can lead to frustrated customers and overwhelmed call centers. We offer interoperability testing services for:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Wireless charging

Minimize security threats

With public concerns over car-hacking incidents, we offer vehicle system cybersecurity solutions, including threat analysis, risk assessments, vulnerability testing and security protection validation. For example, our in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) security testing helps ensure that the IVI system and the communication to and from the IVI system are secure. This full portfolio of options helps secure vehicle systems and sensitive data.

CISPR 25, electrical safety and EMC standards

The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-decade period of transformation due to technological innovations, including connected vehicles, autonomous driving, ride-sharing and electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles and connected automobiles contain in-vehicle parts that generate electromagnetic noise during operation. Left unchecked by safety standards, EM noise can ultimately create EM interference that puts drivers at serious risk. 

In October 2016, CISPR 25:2016 Ed. 4 Annex I, an international standard, added a new method for evaluating automotive components for electrical and hybrid vehicles. This required EMC testing is done in a real-load environment that simulates driving. In January 2019, similar tests were added to ISO 11452 Ed.3 Clause 8 and GB/T 36282-2018.

Why UL Solutions for automotive EMC testing 

Our laboratory capacities allow us to meet your most demanding deadlines. We’ll work with you to address unexpected delays due to sample availability or schedule changes. We can advise you on whether a product is an immunity-related device (integral to the working of the vehicle), which may need additional testing in order to gain market approval. We will also update you on testing results as we move through the process and can provide draft test reports for critical client meetings.

In the end, you’ll be armed with an in-depth and accredited assessment of your EMC and wireless vehicle components, giving you the information you need to feel confident in your product’s capabilities and performance.


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