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Automotive Interoperability Services

UL Solutions can help you achieve seamless and secure connectivity and a positive in-vehicle user experience.

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We help you simplify interoperability testing through our deep technical expertise. We have Subject Matter Experts in Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, NFC, Cybersecurity, ultra-wideband and other wireless technologies which enables us to help you discover and address weaknesses in your product prior to mass production.

UL Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you enhance your brand reputation by ensuring quality through testing.

Our network of laboratories located in Asia, Europe and North America are able to support your needs for local testing, wherever your products are.

Leverage our expertise to confirm that your product complies with all appropriate connectivity standards and technology platforms and mitigates cybersecurity risks. Our comprehensive services include end-product testing, assessment and protection certification and help you gain market access quickly.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Avoid connectivity problems during product launch.
  • Verify the security of your connected products.
  • Save time and money after product launch by minimizing the costs related to software patches.

We are a Bluetooth® qualified testing facility approved by the Bluetooth® SIG. We are also a Thread-approved testing laboratory by the Thread Group, as well as an approved testing provider for Zigbee by the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Interoperability testing

UL Solutions has over 20 years of experience creating tailored test plans and providing you the peace of mind that your product has the greatest chance of being interoperable with the broadest range of devices. Our approach considers multiple aspects, including:

  • Mobile devices (tables, PCs and phones)
  • Mobile applications
  • Wi-Fi interoperability
  • Reliability performance
  • Video and log capturing capabilities
  • User experience
  • Feature performance

Watch the video: Automotive and Mobility Megatrends Infographic

Explore the consumer trends shaping the automotive and mobility landscape with an eye on future technologies for increased safety and security. Consumers' expectations for convenience, connectivity, sustainability, and safety impact automotive innovation on a global scale. 

What you will learn

  • Autonomous vehicles and consumer acceptance
  • Wireless connectivity ecosystem and advances
  • Electrification trends and growth by segment
  • Consumer behaviors and vehicle ownership trends
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UL's Services for Carplay Certification Brochure

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UL Automotive Cybersecurity Services

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For today’s tech-savvy car buyers, in-vehicle electronics are no longer luxury items. Buyers’ expectations require connectivity as a standard option and one’s personal mobile device should work seamlessly and securely with the vehicle’s infotainment system. Also high on the buyers’ wish lists are advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) with radar, LiDAR and cameras sensors that collectively provide a greater level of vehicle safety.

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