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Automotive Component Performance Testing

We test individual components and completed assemblies to your performance specifications.

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Testing the performance of components and the complete system 

Every component that is used in the manufacture of an automotive product needs to be individually tested for its quality and performance. But once it is installed and becomes part of an assembly or subassembly in an automotive product, that complete system also needs to be tested for performance.  

At UL Solutions, we can test both the individual components and the completed assemblies of which they are a part, potentially reducing the time and costs associated with sending parts to multiple testing vendors. 

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Shock and vibration testing

We offer a wide variety of vibration and mechanical shock testing and can simulate vibration stresses including random vibration, sine vibration, shaker shock, drop shock, squeak and rattle, real-time simulation, and many specialty combinations, such as sine-on-random, Kurtosis and random-on-random.

Our shock and vibration testing includes:

Electro-dynamic (ED) vibration systems

  • Up to 15,000 force-pound
  • Two-inch displacement
  • Ambient systems
  • Combined environment (temperature/humidity over vibration)
  • Sine, random, sine-on-random, random-on-random, Kurtosion, shock, transient capture, iDOF

We also offer ED testing with an 11,000 force-pound inductor ring system designed for harsher profiles, such as non-Gaussian vibration with kurtosis control and high-level engine-type profiles.

Mechanical shock

  • Shaker shock on ED Shaker systems
  • Higher shock pulses on the Avco drop shock machine
  • Handling/packaging drop/free fall
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IP code/dust/water spray ingress testing

The IEC, ISO, NEMA, MIL-STD, RTCA and many other regulatory agencies generate methods and test standards designed around ensuring moisture, water, dust and other objects cannot penetrate or otherwise adversely affect the operation of products and systems. We conduct IP Code testing per the IEC, ISO or DIN specifications. We also offer other industry-standard water testing, including immersion, car wash spray, heavy splash, drip, thermal shock, ice water splash and others.

Our testing for this space includes:

Water spray

  • IPx1 and IPx2 – Drip testing
  • IPx3 and IPx4 – Water spray
  • IPx5, IPx5K, IPx6, IPx6K – High-pressure spray
  • IPx7 and IPx8 – Immersion/submersion
  • IPx9K – Car wash spray simulation
  • Customized setups

Dust testing

  • Settling dust
  • IP5, IP6, IP5K, IP6K

Thermal shock water splash

  • Ice water splash
  • ISO 16570-4
  • With or without mud slurry (Arizona dust)

Why UL Solutions

Along with helping you address the complex needs associated with testing automotive components, we can also give you confidence in navigating new and growing requirements. By offering an extensive array of solutions, we can support your innovations wherever you are in the product life cycle while supporting your efforts to build and maintain brand loyalty and trust with your customers.

Our network of laboratories around the world — staffed with leading automotive testing engineers who have a deep and broad knowledge of local and global regulations and specifications — have the capabilities you need to test and certify virtually every aspect of your automotive product in one place. We are a global safety science leader, and when you partner with us, we can help you:

  • Optimize your development process
  • Reduce your costs
  • Receive independent and reliable test results
  • Accelerate your time to market  

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