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Outdoor Furniture Testing and Certification

Patio furniture offers comfort while enjoying the outdoors. See how UL Solutions can help mitigate risks related to incidents and faulty product performance.

Outdoor furniture including sofa, chairs, table and umbrella in a sunny patio setting

UL Solutions’ outdoor furniture testing and certification services

Patio furniture allows people to enjoy fresh air in comfort and style. 

Give your customers peace of mind that your product delivers on its performance and safety claims. Our rigorous outdoor furniture safety testing program delivers a trusted science-based, objective credential that adds value to your brand.

Confirm quality, safety and performance with our testing and certification solutions

We have worked directly with both manufacturers and global retailers to evaluate outdoor furniture products more effectively.

Our outdoor furniture testing delivers consistency and the rigor of science-based evaluations of safety and durability. Products can be certified to UL 4041, Outline of Investigation for Outdoor Furniture, enabling manufacturers and retailers to evaluate the safety and quality of their products, mitigate risk of injuries during use, and empower consumers to choose safer and higher quality products.

Our testing and certification solutions facilitate a comprehensive quality evaluation of an outdoor furniture product’s mechanical and performance-related aspects of system durability. Our scientific testing helps clients evaluate their products’ performance and reduce the potential for product failures that could result in warranty claims.

Per UL 4041 requirements, the type of product determines the specific tests we perform. For example: 

  • We evaluate tables for leg strength, as well as overall stability and load-bearing characteristics under varying conditions. 
  • We test all chairs for stability, back and armrest strength, and component durability, while we also test chairs with pedestal bases for the durability of the chair base. 

UL Mark Certification to UL 4041 uses the enhanced mark which allows for more detailed information embedded about the product, such as the product model, location and manufacture date. This is specifically helpful for retailers and manufacturers in the event of a furniture recall.

Manufacturers who have their products tested and certified to UL 4041 demonstrate their commitment to quality, performance safety and their focus on customer satisfaction.

UL 4041 certification also provides retailers with confidence in the quality of the patio furniture products they buy and sends a clear message to both manufacturers and consumers regarding the company’s commitment to product safety.

Related standards, requirements and regulations

Manufacturers and suppliers must stay up to date with changes in standards and regulations to place compliant products in the market.

US standards

UL 4041

UL 4041, an Outline of Investigation for Outdoor Furniture, defines testing requirements for corrosion, stability, strength, shear and pinch points, endurance and durability.

Outdoor patio furniture includes tables, chairs, multiseat products, loveseats, benches, hanging chairs or swings and chaise lounge chairs.

European standards

Outdoor furniture product recalls due to concerns about lack of safety are a common issue in Europe as well. 

Outdoor furniture testing assesses if a product complies with the relevant European standard, EN 581-1. 

EN 581-1 General safety requirements

Outdoor furniture - Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use

EN 581-2 Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for seating

Outdoor furniture - Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use 

EN 581-3 Mechanical safety requirements for tables

Outdoor furniture - Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use 

Trust UL Solutions

Manufacturers and suppliers can rely on UL Solutions. With fully equipped laboratories in the U.S., Europe and Asia, we understand the global market, standards and regulations for the outdoor furniture industry.


UL 4041 Outline of Investigation for Outdoor Furniture

UNI EN 581-1:2017 - Outdoor furniture - Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use - Part 1: General safety requirements


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