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Gruppo LUBE Contributes to High Performance Indoor Spaces with UL GREENGUARD Certification

Gruppo LUBE is the first kitchen manufacturer in Europe to achieve the UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

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August 27, 2020

Gruppo LUBE, a leading kitchen company based in Treia, Italy, has been committed to people, quality, safety and the environment since 1956. The latest milestone in their ongoing effort to offer high quality, high performance kitchens is their achievement of UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for all structures of LUBE and CREO kitchen brand products, which means they meet rigorous standards for low-level emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates the company’s commitment to people and the environment.

The demand for products that support good indoor air quality (IAQ) is growing. According to a survey from Green Builder Media’s COGNITION Smart Data, a growing contingent of homeowners seeks products that support good IAQ. In fact, nearly 25% of building professional survey respondents reported that their customers purchase products to address indoor air quality “often” or “very often.”

As the first kitchen manufacturer in Europe to achieve UL GREENGUARD Certification, Gruppo LUBE sends a clear message to the market that they support good IAQ with low-emitting products for kitchens. The certification of LUBE and CREO kitchen structures offers a wide variety of options to stakeholders including architects, designers and consumers to configure a kitchen that meets their needs and simultaneously supports occupant health.

“With their UL GREENGUARD Certification, Gruppo LUBE sends a clear signal that they support high performance indoor spaces and good indoor air quality. We congratulate them on this milestone, which will set the bar for other providers in the kitchen furniture industry,” said Alberto Uggetti, vice president and general manager of the UL Environment and Sustainability division.

With much of our lives spent inside, good indoor air quality is extremely important when creating a living environment that enables occupant health, safety and comfort. The UL Environment GREENGUARD Certification Mark displays exclusively on products that meet stringent chemical emissions limits and stand out as contributing to better indoor environmental quality. The selection of UL GREENGUARD Certified products can even help earn credits toward a variety of green building rating schema like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 

“UL GREENGUARD Certification is well known and respected worldwide and we are proud to display the Mark on our products. The certification is a very important and significant step that Gruppo LUBE has taken to support the health and well-being of our employees and consumers, because people are always our top priority,” said Alessio Sileoni, manager of Gruppo LUBE’s R&D Center.

Complete information about each of Gruppo LUBE’s UL GREENGUARD Certified products can be found on, an online resource used by construction professionals, architects and designers, procurement professionals and consumers worldwide to find sustainable products they can trust.

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