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Furniture Stability Testing and Verification

Backed by expertise in furniture testing and evaluation, UL Solutions offers a UL Verified Mark for third-party Verification of furniture stability.

A child pulling on an open dresser drawer, a furniture tip-over risk

UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, with expertise in furniture testing and evaluation, offers a UL Verification Mark for third-party furniture stability verification. UL’s Product Stability Verified Mark verifies manufacturers' marketing claims on the stability of their product through evaluation of the testing process and product test results.

UL Furniture Stability Verification Program

Backed by our unique expertise that drives confidence and trust, the UL Stability Verification Program provides:

  • Objective, scientific assessments that confirm your product stability marketing claims
  • Customer recognition of UL Solutions, instilling buyer confidence in your products
  • A science-based, objective credential that confirms your product delivers on its performance claims

Importance of furniture stability

Furniture tip-over is a huge issue that has cost the furniture industry billions of dollars in recalls, impacting your customers, consumers and your revenue stream. Over 19 million clothing furniture units have been recalled or retired from the marketplace due to tip-over hazards in recent years.

The government is taking notice of these serious risks facing the residential furniture industry, and so is the consumer.

How are you presenting your marketing claims and demonstrating performance, authenticity and quality to consumers?

Testing and Verification services

UL Solutions and the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) partnered to create the Product Stability Verified Program to provide third-party verification to manufacturers’ stability claims. Companies have the opportunity to verify their claims regarding product stability and differentiate their products in a competitive marketplace.

Obtaining the UL Verification Mark

There are three steps to obtain the UL Product Stability Verification Mark endorsed by AHFA.

  1. Stability testing process – UL Solutions reviews and verifies the test site’s testing capabilities in accordance to the Product Stability Testing Process Verification Program and, if found compliant, earn the UL Verified Mark for the process. 
  2. Product stability test data review – UL Solutions receives and evaluates test data from the Verified test site and, if compliant, authorizes the use of Product Stability Verified Mark.
  3. Surveillance – ULSolutions annually audits the Verified test site’s testing capability, reviews its equipment and confirms the policies and procedures that are in place.

UL Marketing Claim Verification features a unique identifier and is publicly available through the UL Verify database, where buyers can look up more information about a specific UL Verification.

ASTM F2057 Standard Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units


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