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Furniture Sustainability Testing and Certification

UL Solutions, with comprehensive solutions to support your furniture sustainability programs, can help you demonstrate compliance with regulations and a commitment to the planet.

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Protecting the environment with sustainability solutions for furniture products

Sustainability remains an important part of the effort to pursue comprehensive furniture safety and performance. UL Solutions helps furniture manufacturers and retailers make smart choices to support their sustainability efforts with solutions designed to address the needs of the indoor and outdoor environment.

UL Solutions’ global presence brings you a world of expertise and local knowledge. We can help you harmonize regulatory needs, industry expectations and the increasing social responsibilities your company faces across your markets. Our furniture testing, certification, inspection and business intelligence solutions help you anticipate and respond to risks, increase transparency across your value chain and drive sustainability practices across all business operations and activities.

Our team of furniture experts can help you pursue multiple sustainability programs and certifications. By taking steps to address environmental and social sustainability, you can demonstrate a commitment to the safety of your customers while creating long-term value for your business and the planet. With a stronger focus on health and wellness, you can also distinguish your products within the market.


Demonstrate furniture sustainability with testing and certification

UL Solutions’ expertise spans the entire furniture industry, and our sustainability solutions are designed to help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment, your business and the health and wellness of your customers.

Sustainability is a broad term, and this makes navigating the regulatory landscape difficult for many manufacturers. However, with significant investments driving the move toward a more sustainable future, it is essential to demonstrate tangible evidence to support your claims and efforts. We can partner with you to help you identify applicable regulations and complete the evaluation required to show your compliance with various global and national initiatives.

Sustainability across the furniture supply chain

From finished products to components and social responsibility, UL Solutions can help you understand your sustainability efforts at every stage. As the furniture industry continues its transition toward sustainable value chains, emissions reduction and sustainable operations at every step lead the demands of investors and customers alike.

In addition to minimizing risks associated with business disruptions, sustainable supply chains help you work toward circular solutions. Embracing the principles of circular economy can help you increase resource productivity, decrease waste and resource dependence, and support growth. UL 3600, Outline of Investigation for Measuring and Reporting Circular Economy Aspects of Products, Sites and Organizations, helps you feel more confident in your efforts.

We also offer focused solutions for specific industries such as commercial furniture. UL Solutions is an accredited Certification Body for both the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) LEVEL® certification program and the European Office Furniture Federation (FEMB) level certification. These programs help you understand your larger environmental impact as you work toward a more environmentally focused future.

Support for health and wellness in the built environment

Air quality in the built environment remains a primary focus for furniture manufacturers. UL’s GREENGUARD Certification helps show your customers that your products meet some of the most stringent chemical emissions standards in the world. Supported by rigorous third-party testing, GREENGUARD Certification helps you differentiate in the market by demonstrating that your products minimize the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. You can also pursue a more holistic approach to health and wellness with UL’s Wellness Certification. This program is the first of its kind and helps you test and demonstrate compliance to well building concepts, such as Fitwel certification system and WELL Certification.

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, UL Solutions can partner with you throughout the process.


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