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BIFMA LEVEL Certification

UL Verification Services Inc is an accredited certification body for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association’s (BIFMA) LEVEL® certification, providing manufacturers with third-party certification of their sustainable products.

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Differentiating through a BIFMA LEVEL certification 

As an accredited certification body for the BIFMA LEVEL® certification, we help business and institutional furniture manufacturers build trust in the marketplace. 

LEVEL certification is a voluntary standard that establishes measurable criteria for multiple levels of achievement and performance at different stages of their sustainability journey. Manufacturers that achieve LEVEL certification demonstrate to the marketplace that their products, manufacturing facilities and company policies have met stringent third-party sustainability requirements.

Levels of BIFMA certification

LEVEL certification applicants can pursue credits in three categories: Environmental Impacts, Health and Wellness Impacts, and Social Impacts. Each category features prerequisites as well as credits related to products, manufacturing facilities and the organization as a whole.

Based on the points accumulated, manufacturers can earn one of three possible levels of certification:

1 32 to 48 total points; at least 5 of which are product-related points
2 49 to 68 total points; at least 16 of which are product-related points
3 69 to 111 total points; at least 26 of which are product-related points

LEVEL certification can only be granted by an approved certification body, such as UL Verification Services Inc.

Benefits of BIFMA LEVEL certified products

Through our deep expertise in sustainable certification programs and eco-labels, in addition to our dedicated furniture industry team, we deliver exceptional customer service that provides a distinct advantage for customers. Once a manufacturer has achieved certification, they receive the LEVEL certification mark, which can be used to promote their certification to the marketplace. This mark is an invaluable marketing tool that reassures buyers of a company’s credibility while serving as a key differentiator. LEVEL-certified products can also contribute to LEED credits through LEED Pilot Credit 80.

LEVEL up with UL Solutions

UL Verification Services Inc is an accredited certification body for LEVEL certification. We deliver exceptional customer service and provide a distinct advantage to our customers through our deep expertise in sustainable certification programs and eco-labels, and our dedicated furniture industry team.

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