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Chemical Emissions Product Testing

We can evaluate your products and materials to determine their impact on indoor air quality and, by extension, environmental health.

Chemical emissions testing is conducted in chambers such as this one depending on the product size.

Why chemical emissions testing matters

Product chemical emissions testing uses dynamic environmental chamber technology to detect and measure the chemicals that a product emits. It is critical to address product emissions because these emissions can pose a serious health threat.

Our chemical emissions testing division has evaluated more than 80,000 products and cataloged the presence of more than 16,000 chemicals that those products emit. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to measure chemicals from a wide range of products, including furniture, construction materials, consumer products, electronics and appliances, with the utmost precision.

We play a key role in developing global chemical emissions testing standards, enabling us to assist manufacturers in choosing the best test method to meet their market demands. We can work with you from the earliest stages of the product design process to help you avoid costly errors and can test products including furniture, flooring, paints, building materials, 3D printers, electronics, cleaners, medical devices, scented products and more.

Methods and standards

Evaluate products against existing test methods and standards criteria, such as CA Section 01350, GREENGUARD test methods, ASTM D 5116, ASTM D 6670, ISO 16000-9, EN 16516, Blue Angel, DIBt’s Ü mark, AgBB, Natureplus, EN 16738 Candle Emissions Testing, the EU Eco Flower, GEV-Emicode, AFSSET, French A+ label and BIFMA.

Exposure risk

Assess products for their contributions to chemical exposure, develop comprehensive evaluations and testing data for regulatory compliance needs.

Odor assessment

Identify product odors and sources, as well as their thresholds and descriptions, against an extensive database of odorants and irritants.

Ultrafine particle studies

Provide manufacturers with ultrafine particle emissions data to fulfill requirements for ECMA 328, ISO 28360 and Blue Angel RAL UZ-205 for print devices.

Air sampling analysis

Helps you resolve indoor air quality concerns of building owners, facility managers and third-party consultants in a variety of environments with general analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microbial VOCs, aldehydes and other air pollutants.

Why UL Solutions

UL Solutions is a global leader in the science of safety. Products are evaluated to determine their impact on indoor air quality and environmental health. We can help you put healthier and lower-emitting products in the market.

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