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Retail Fixtures and Commercial Displays

Comprehensive solutions to help support the safety, performance and sustainability of retail fixtures and commercial display products.

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Solutions to support the safety and performance of retail fixtures and displays

Commercial and retail display products are an important part of the furniture market. Much like the products these fixtures hold, commercial displays, shelving and other fixtures must meet the demands of daily use, often in high-traffic environments. UL’s experts help provide confidence that these products perform as expected.

UL Standards have been the industry benchmark for commercial displays since 1955. As displays have evolved to include numerous innovations, including embedded computers, motion and LED lighting, standards and associated testing have had to keep pace.

Today, UL Solutions’ experts help offer confidence that your commercial and retail display products meet expectations by evaluating your products to UL 970, the Standard for Retail Fixtures and Merchandise Displays. This Standard covers:

  • Commercial displays and retail fixtures
  • Showcases
  • Temporary displays

By combining the requirements from UL 65, the Standard for Wired Cabinets, and UL 962, the Standard for Household and Commercial Furnishing, UL 970 helps the industry better address the future of retail display products. One single Standard also simplifies the certification process.

We engage with both retailers and vendors to mitigate challenges at various levels in the supply chain, explain the testing required, and help you understand what your results mean. UL Solutions works with component manufacturers and other partners makes us uniquely suited to help alleviate challenges at every step in the manufacturing and installation process. With our experts working together with your team, we can help you go to market with confidence while building trust with your customers along the way.

Comprehensive services to support retail display environments

Retailers and manufacturers strive to produce and sell safe products, and ensuring the safety of retail displays is just as important. With that, employees and consumers depend on retailers to provide the safest possible in-store environment. UL Solutions, with services covering performance and durability testing, component validation and safety certifications, can work to understand your unique needs and help you highlight the quality and reliability of your products.

Custom solutions for unique commercial display systems and components

We help retailers mitigate risks from unsafe displays by designing custom protocols and engaging with vendors to ensure these guidelines are met. Under our commercial display evaluation program, we can work with you to evaluate current displays, establish guidelines, and help you enact review, verification and certification programs.

Our solutions recognize that unique, one-of-a-kind designs are increasingly common. We offer limited production evaluations that cover single production runs. Our experienced team also provides on-site evaluations for products already in the field. This effort helps retailers confirm that the displays in their stores comply with safety standards while mitigating potential issues or downtime.

Sustainability solutions for fixtures and display products

In addition to safety and performance, UL Solutions helps manufacturers and retailers demonstrate environmental compliance across the supply chain and through chemicals and emissions testing. This includes helping those affected by California Proposition 65 regulations, which require nearly every business operating within the state to warn buyers of the presence of any of the nearly 900 chemical substances contained in or emitted by the products they sell.

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