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Public space, entailing an office environment, with furniture that supports needs for informal and working moments, social distancing.

Commercial Furniture

Comprehensive commercial furniture services to help manufacturers build confidence in their products by demonstrating furniture safety, performance and sustainability.

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Commercial furniture solutions to help build brand integrity and trust

Commercial furniture products are designed to withstand the constant use, movement and demands of various commercial settings, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities and offices. Today, commercial furniture is also working its way into the residential market as the concept of “resimercial” (short for residential commercial) takes shape.

At UL Solutions, we provide comprehensive services to help component suppliers, manufacturers and retailers ensure their products meet user expectations by delivering reliable safety and performance day after day. Our expertise spans the furniture supply chain and reaches across the entire furniture industry. Our experts are prepared to help you identify the needs and regulations in your target markets, so you can move forward with confidence.

With our global facilities and robust testing capabilities, we can help you demonstrate compliance to various requirements, both mandatory and voluntary. Commercial furniture testing and certifications will not apply when entering the residential market. However, we can help you identify the standards you need to consider for these new opportunities, thoroughly explain what testing is required and clarify what your specific results mean. This full-service approach helps you address challenges with greater confidence to streamline product development and reduce time to market.

In addition to helping you evaluate your products for daily use, UL Solutions can help you keep pace with the evolving demands of the commercial furniture market. Today’s workplaces are changing with an eye on technology. There are increasing demands for in-build, portable office and meeting spaces as well as electrified furniture that improves usability and comfort while also supporting the use of electronic devices. Our team remains committed to keeping pace with these changes, so you can continue to demonstrate the quality and reliability of your products while building trust with your customers.

Comprehensive support for the future of the commercial furniture industry

As the demands we place on commercial furniture have grown over the last several decades, so have our expectations and the expectations of the larger furniture market. Significant investments in sustainability are pushing for greater attention to environmental factors throughout the supply chain and a heavier focus on how commercial furniture can affect the air quality in built environments.

This focus has fostered innovation and means furniture manufacturers and retailers alike must continue to overcome new challenges when producing and selling commercial furniture products. UL Solutions remains just as committed to our planet as we are to your products, and we can help you address important sustainability requirements

UL GREENGUARD® Certification for commercial furniture products

As the exclusive provider of our UL GREENGUARD® Certification, we offer testing and certification to some of the most stringent chemical emissions requirements in the world. Our testing can contribute to points in established green building programs, satisfy code authorities requirements, and help you meet indoor air quality request for proposal (RFP) requirements.

What does "GREENGUARD certified" mean?

If you’ve shopped for paint or bought a crib or mattress or new flooring, you might have seen a UL GREENGUARD Certification Mark on the product packaging. But what does it mean, exactly, and how can it help you enjoy cleaner indoor air?

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