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UL Verified IoT Device Security Rating

Build trust in your brand and empower consumers to make more informed product decisions with globally recognized product security labeling from UL Solutions.

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Supporting manufacturers with IoT security solutions  

UL Solutions' IoT Security Rating is a highly efficient and comprehensive evaluation process that assesses critical security aspects of smart products against common attack methodologies and known IoT vulnerabilities, to create a ‘security baseline’ among the consumer IoT industry.   

Most hacks are the result of common weaknesses and known vulnerabilities. As a manufacturer, you should aim to stay clear of these and adhere to proven ‘security best practices’. Only recently, governments have started taking a first stab at regulating the security of IoT solutions, but they will still be looking at the security industry to lead the way.  

Levels of IoT device Security Ratings

IoT Security Rating
The Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to a whole new generation of connected products. The increase in connected solutions also attracts attackers looking to steal personal data or take control over devices for various purposes, including DDoS attacks. As more and more hacks of consumer products make the news headlines, consumers become more aware of potential security risks of their devices.

But how can consumers determine whether the devices they want to buy are adequately secured? How can they make sure those devices don’t bring attackers into their smart homes? Today, there are limited ways for manufacturers to leverage security as a product differentiator.

The IoT Security Rating, which is based on UL Solutions' IoT Security Top 20 Design Principles, aims to serve two purposes: 

  1. Help manufacturers and developers improve the security posture of their solutions by leveraging proven security best practices.
  2. Rate the security posture of IoT solutions in order to make security more transparent and accessible to consumers. 

By going through an efficient yet comprehensive evaluation process, manufacturers and their products are rewarded a security rating label which can be used for both online and in-store marketing. UL Solutions' IoT Security Rating framework aligns with prominent industry standards, including ETSI TS 103 645 that builds on the UK Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security, and can serve as a means to demonstrate conformance to those standards. 

Your benefits in having a UL Solutions verified IoT device Security Rating

Empower consumers

  • Make product security more transparent and accessible for consumers
  • Help consumers make purchasing decisions

Demonstrate security due diligence

  • Ensure minimum security capabilities are met, as articulated by ETSI TS 103 645 and other industry standards
  • Leverage the IoT Security Rating to define a product security roadmap

Gain competitive differentiation

  • Leverage the IoT Security Rating to achieve product differentiation

Keep up with market trends

  • Stay ahead of regulatory developments and potential security liability

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