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Automotive engineer looking at a computer displaying a 3D electric car chassis prototype with wheels.
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Automotive Cybersecurity Auditing and Testing

Uncover your product and software exploitation risk and validate that your security measures align with industry requirements including ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29.

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The importance of automotive cybersecurity testing

As autonomous technology advances driving automation and 5G systems enable high-speed in-vehicle connectivity, cybersecurity becomes a new facet of automotive safety. Critical and noncritical functions interconnect in the vehicle, and a hack has the potential to impact vehicle control. These risks are driving the automotive industry to roll out cybersecurity measures. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) adopted two new regulations that specify performance and audit requirements for managing a vehicle’s cyber risk and software updates. In addition to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), a broad range of stakeholders involved in automotive life cycles, including suppliers, will be required to prepare and implement security measures.

We conduct cybersecurity hardware and software testing on automotive components and systems to help customers understand their product’s exploitation risk and to validate their security measures. We also audit cybersecurity management systems for compliance with industry requirements including ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29 to help customers understand where they are in their cybersecurity maturity.

Component and system testing

We perform invasive and noninvasive component and system penetration tests based on vulnerability analysis and management. Our testing capabilities includes black box, grey box and white box testing to identify potential vulnerabilities and understand how a hacker might exploit weaknesses in automotive components or systems. We also offer a combination of black, white and grey box testing for complete systems along with interoperability testing to determine exploitation risk of an interface comprised of multiple components.

Automotive cybersecurity audit

We audit your processes to help you demonstrate that your cybersecurity management systems complies with UNECE regulations and ISO 21434 for market access requirements. We’ll select a project and review your risk management process documents to understand how you assess and categorize risks.

Unmatched expertise to help you validate automotive cybersecurity

With more than 500 security professionals and a global network of IoT security laboratories we provide unmatched expertise to help companies define where they are in their cybersecurity maturity, understand what they will need to do to develop secure automotive products and validate security built into their products.


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