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myUL® Client Portal

Register for our client portal today to access all your information in one convenient place.

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myUL® is a secure source that gives you an enhanced level of access into your UL Solutions project files, such as product information, documents and services. Having easy access to this in-depth information empowers you to make decisions that will positively impact your bottom line. By providing you with better visibility and insight, our client portal can help you advance the pace of innovation, drive growth and increase speed to market.

How to register

Registration starts with your Party Site Number, or PSN. You can easily access this number by contacting your field engineer or reaching out to our customer team.

Once you have your PSN, head to the registration page, fill in the relevant information and complete your registration.

What myUL can do for you

Quotes and orders

myUL provides full visibility into quotes, orders and projects. From details and tasks, to timelines and due dates, myUL makes it easy to view and manage your overall project status and includes features such as estimated completion percentages and notifications.


myUL is a secure portal for UL Solutions reports, procedures and global certifications. Users can easily access this information at any time.


Use myUL to follow your product samples on their UL Solutions journey. The portal shows when UL Solutions receives samples, when they’re returned, picked up, destroyed or archived. 

Inspection reports and variation notices

myUL provides easy access to inspection reports and variation notices. Inspection reports include the date of the inspection, factory representative(s), type of product inspected, type of business, file number, inspection center and any variation notices that may be linked to the report. 

Variation notices are also available with links to the inspection report, including critical details and actions needed by the applicant or manufacturer.

Join myUL today

The myUL portal provides flexibility for online collaboration and self-service, with enhanced information security and risk management, allowing it to be your single source for our information and services. By gaining an enhanced level of access to your UL Solutions information, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions with improved visibility and insights to help you increase the pace of innovation, drive growth and increase speed to market. 

To learn more or register, visit myUL®