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UL Advisory Services for the Industrial Sector

Learn how UL can help you speed time to market by involving technical advisers.

Oil refinery plant

To compete in today’s modern world, manufacturers can gain a true competitive advantage by accelerating product development; effectively managing safety, compliance and regulatory risks; and entering new markets. Manufacturers that engage their preferred product certification body early in their product development lifecycle process can benefit by being aware of applicable certification and technical requirements for their products, and the markets they wish to enter. Not understanding these details can lead to product redesigns and product launch delays. Early engagement with certification and technical experts can help you work more efficiently, get you to market faster, and streamline your development processes.

UL is known as an industry leader in testing and certification for discrete products and installations around the world. View this webinar to learn how UL experts can engage earlier in your product development process to provide assessments of your product construction, and explanations of certification and technical requirements, thus helping you get to market faster and more efficiently.

Learning objectives (or key points)

  • Overview of advisory services
  • Benefits of advisory services
  • Case studies

UL Advisory Services for the Industrial Sector

Overview of UL’s advisory services for the industrial sector