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5G and 802.11ad: mmWave Regulatory Testing - Challenges and Solutions

Gain insights into the new millimeter wave operating bands, which increase the spectrum in traditional operating bands up to 8 GHz, posing challenges to the testing methods.

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Explore the 5G regulatory landscape.

Learning objectives (or key points)

In this webinar, UL experts Maan Ghanma and Michael Heckrotte discuss:

•    Introduction to mmWave technology
•    mmWave applications 
•    Challenges and solutions for regulatory testing for mmWave, including radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and human exposure testing

Maan Ghanma, Business Development Director, Consumer Technology division
Micheal Heckrotte, PDE, Consumer Technology Division

Webinar date
Sept. 23, 2020

5G & 802.11ad: mmWave Regulatory Testing - challenges and solutions

An overview of 5G and mmWave regulatory testing, highlighting current challenges and possible solutions.