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Radio Testing and Certification for Wireless Products

Our comprehensive radio testing, certification and insights help you to successfully navigate the complexities of wireless compliance and bring your Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and other cellular devices products to market smoothly, quickly and cost-effectively.

A picture of a spectrum analyzer testing device.


Radio performance testing, a regulatory requirement through much of the global marketplace, tests the real-life performance and functionality of any product that includes wireless technologies such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

Our wireless regulatory testing service provides both performance testing and compliance guidance to our customers. With over twenty years of experience in wireless products and technologies, global reach and full service laboratories accredited by numerous regulatory agencies and the major market governments, we are perfectly positioned to help you get your wireless products to market.


Regulatory compliance testing confirms that wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular comply with national and international regulations. Certification is required before your product can be sold to in global markets.

Conformance testing and certification of wireless technologies demonstrate that the radio meets industry standards for performance and interoperability. Most of these programs require such certification to allow the manufacturer to use the logo and trademarked terms, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, on the product, in the product documentation and in advertising. This increases both manufacturer and consumer confidence. CTIA Over-the-Air (OTA) certification demonstrates that a cell phone model meets cellular carrier network performance requirements. Without CTIA OTA certification most cellular carriers will not allow the phone to connect to their network.

UL offers a comprehensive range of wireless testing services to help you achieve the certification your products need to launch in global markets.

Why UL

Our full-service radio laboratories are accredited by numerous regulatory agencies, governments and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)-recognized Accreditation Bodies in all major markets including North and South America, Europe and Asia.  UL laboratories around the world are recognized by the regulatory agencies in the USA (FCC), Canada (ISED), Japan, Singapore, Korea, and many others. Our testing and certification services open doors to your target markets worldwide.

And our Global Market Access teams deliver local service in local languages around the world, and their 24-hour flexible working schedules allow them to provide fast turnaround times and unrivalled technical support. From product development to final launch, we’ll work closely with you to avoid any errors that may be expensive to correct and to overcome any challenges that may delay time to market.

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