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IEC 62368-1 Testing and Certification

Demonstrate compliance to IEC 62368-1, the hazard-based standard for IT and A/V products.

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IEC 62368-1 testing and certification services

Safety standards for Audio/Visual and Information Technology Equipment (ITE) products moved away from a prescriptive approach to a hazard safety approach with the introduction of IEC 62368-1. This hazard-based standard offers greater flexibility in product design and makes it easier to introduce new technology.

Currently, the requirements for IEC 62368-1 continue to evolve, and various countries around the globe are transitioning to the second and third editions of the standard. 

62368-1 covers a wide range of technology products, including: 

  • Computing and networking products: servers, PCs, routers, notebook/laptop computers, tablets and their power supplies
  • Consumer electronics: amplifiers, home theater systems, digital cameras and personal music players
  • Displays and display units: monitors, TVs and digital projectors
  • Telecommunication products: network infrastructure equipment, cordless and mobile phones, and similar communication devices, including battery-powered devices
  • Office appliances: copiers and document shredders
  • Similar varieties of audio/video, information and communication technology equipment: devices used in homes, schools, data processing centers, commercial and professional environments

UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, can help you understand the requirements of  IEC 62368-1 as they apply to your target markets and offerings, test and certify your products for the various 62368-1 editions.

Replacing IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950–1 with the IEC 62368-1 standard 

IEC 62368-1 will eventually replace existing standards: IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60065, Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus, and IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950–1, Information Technology Equipment.

This new standard applies to a broad range of high-tech products from consumer electronics to office equipment and offers greater flexibility in product design, making it easier for the introduction of new technology.

The effective date for 62368-1 in the United States and Europe was Dec. 20, 2020. Noncompliant products can’t be sold in major markets beyond the effective date. For more information on the industry review process specifically associated with IEC 60950 — and 62368-based Standards, refer to the overview of the Consumer Technology Sector Review Process.

IEC 62368 resources

We have created resources to help you prepare for a smooth transition from legacy standards 60065 and 60950-1, to 62368-1. We will continue to update the information as 62368-1 requirements evolve.

UL Solutions 62368 Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive resource that includes:

  • A copy of the 62368-1 Standard
  • Step-by-step transition guide
  • Notifications on latest updates to 62368-1
  • Access to webinars/webcasts
  • Exclusive members-only Q&A blog
  • And more

Advantages of partnering with UL Solutions for IEC 62368-1 testing and certification 

UL Solutions is active in IEC TC108, the IEC technical committee responsible for standards for safety of electronic equipment within AV, information technology and communication technology. This provides our engineers with insights into the latest developments associated with IEC 62368-1 and a solid understanding of the principles on which these standards are built.

A hazard-based safety standard focuses on identifying and mitigating risks, rather than providing prescriptive, product‑dependent requirements. UL Solutions’ safety and regulatory expertise spans multiple industries around the globe, making us your partner of choice for meeting the requirements of a hazard-based safety standard and efficiently bringing your products to the world market. 

IEC 62368-1 Interactive Course

Gain expertise to design to and comply with the latest requirements associated with IEC 62368-1. Our comprehensive course comprised of two separate training modules: an eLearning component and the instructor-led session. The eLearning component covers the basics of the standard. The instructor-led session digs deeper into the detailed technical content and features progressive knowledge checks and engaging interactions to help learners reinforce and apply the new concepts.

UL Solutions 62368 Knowledge Hub

IEC 62368-1, is the safety standard that is changing worldwide safety certification of consumer and enterprise technology products in the Audio/Video and Information Communication Technology sector. Based on Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) principles, the standard brings real advantages to manufacturers of modern electronic equipment and components. 

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