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Wireless Charging Testing

We’ll help verify that your wireless charging products are compliant with industry standards and compatible with all of your target markets.

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The global wireless charging market is rapidly expanding, and we are working in close collaboration with the industry to help spearhead the development of wireless charging testing technologies such as AirFuel and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). As an established leader in this pioneering sector, we can verify that your wireless charging products are safe, compliant, reliable and, most importantly, compatible with all of your target markets.

Our precertification testing involves reviewing and evaluating devices that are developed by WPC and AirFuel specifications from the earliest stage of development to final production. Our wireless charging testing services include:

  • Identifying nonconformance issues earlier, reducing redesign costs and increasing speed to market
  • Troubleshooting technology
  • Developing customized testing strategies
  • Guiding you through industry requirements
  • Providing expert training, research and regulatory support
Why is wireless charging testing important?

Consumers are always on the move, which is why they expect more convenient options for powering their mobile devices than ever before. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that wireless charging capabilities are quickly becoming a key product differentiator among shoppers.

With that said, wireless charging is still an emerging technology with complex requirements and industry standards. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced testing and certification company, like UL Solutions, to help ensure that your products are performing in the way that you, and your consumers, expect them to.

Why UL Solutions

Our dedicated team members have a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant requirements in this emerging market. As active members of the standards development committees for the WPC and AirFuel Alliance, we continue to establish standards that further advance wireless charging safety and performance. We developed and published UL 2738, the Standard for Induction Power Transmitters and Receivers for use with Low Energy Products, and we conduct custom research into wireless power to improve our understanding of both the technology and the user experience. Our expertise, coupled with our complete service and certification offerings, enables us to serve as your single-source provider for all of your wireless business needs.


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