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5G Compliance Testing

Launch your 5G devices to the global market with confidence. We test and evaluate the safety, connectivity and performance of devices operating on sub-6 GHz and mmWave (Millimeter Wave) frequencies to global regulatory and industry requirements.

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Overview of 5G

What is 5G?

With expected peak download speeds of about 100 times faster than 4G, eliminating most of the latency and being able to connect a huge number of IoT devices; 5G will have a tremendous impact on how we live, play and work.

Currently, 5G non-standalone is based on the foundation of existing 4G. It uses slightly different modulation techniques, in some cases different frequency bands, with all the coordination and call handling done on 4G. The different modulation techniques allow for more data in a single bandwidth.

Why is 5G compliance testing important to your business?

The industry’s race to 5G wireless is in full force, with a number of 5G devices already in market. And while analysts say that reaching the full potential of 5G is still several years away, being slow to incorporate 5G capabilities will be a competitive disadvantage.

The implications of 5G adoption are immense: Analysts estimate that 5G technologies could generate $12.3 trillion in sales activity worldwide across multiple industries and support 22 million jobs by 2035. To find out whether and how manufacturers are taking advantage of 5G, Newsweek Vantage surveyed 300 manufacturing executives around the world. In this report, commissioned by UL Solutions and with guidance from Greg Corlis, Emerging Technology Leader, KPMG, and Maan Ghanma, Director of Smart Solutions in the Consumer, Medical and Information group at UL Solutions, the statistical findings of the survey were supplemented by interviews and written answers from ABB, Audi, Bosch, GE, and Siemens. In addition to this, AT&T provided the perspective of a major 5G telecom operator. Download our research study here.

Market requirements

Government agencies on a global level are working to allocate additional frequency bands. Tapping into the mmWave frequency ranges has been one of the major differences when compared with previous cellular generations. The allocated and to be allocated mmWave frequencies will enable 5G to deliver on the promise for a very high speed and low latency, bringing birth to applications yet to be realized. However, mmWave also brings new challenges when seeking to meet global compliance requirements.

5G wireless testing and certification

We offer comprehensive testing, certification and global market access (GMA) solutions for 5G enabled wireless devices. We test and certify to worldwide standards in areas such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), specific absorption rate (SAR), interoperability, quality of service (QoS) and radio frequency (RF). 5G will drive the expansion of IoT to bring new services to diverse market segments, and our experts are prepared to help support you through this transition with confidence.

Our dedicated GMA experts help simplify multiple market compliance by bundling product tests and certifications to meet all relevant national and regional market standards. We also offer pre-testing to help detect potential issues, saving you time and money. Regardless of your location, as a full-service provider we can help reduce administrative and project management costs and accelerate access to global markets.


A growing number of products include 5G wireless to compete in today’s market. We have experience working with wireless products in categories including:

  • Consumer
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Medical
  • And many other IoT products

Why UL Solutions for 5G compliance testing?

We bring confidence to your innovations. We are a leader in advancing new radio, wireless and interoperability testing and certification to keep up with the fast pace of technological innovation and one of only a few testing labs to offer 5G testing for both mmWave and sub-6 GHz frequency ranges. With over 20 years of experience testing devices supporting mmWave frequencies, paired with our global presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas - we can guide you through every step of the process to help you launch your products to your target markets. 

Accredited radio laboratories

Our full-service radio laboratories are accredited by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the international organization for accreditation bodies. Our laboratories are also recognized by the regulatory agencies in the USA (FCC), Canada (ISED), Japan, Singapore, Korea, and many others.

5G compliance testing solutions

Trust UL Solutions experts to help you simplify market access of your innovative 5G enabled products.

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