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Advanced Printed Circuit Requirements for a 5G-Enabled World

Mission-critical 5G components can benefit from transparent and early design assessments from an independent, trusted source of expertise in advanced PCB performance evaluations.

5G network wireless system.

5G technology and its global rollout is the most dramatic and positive disruptive technology since the introduction of the personal computer in 1975. 5G and beyond will drive a global revolution by transforming how consumers in every market segment communicate with everyone and everything else.

But we can only realize the promise of 5G if we avoid network and component failures. The next generation of highly advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) plays a pivotal role in enabling 5G technology to roll out across critical infrastructure building blocks such as carrier networks, servers, base stations, etc. This fundamental framework depends on complex and high-performance PC designs for robust and seamless zero-failure data management and transmission. Reliability and customizable design are essential to support various everyday applications, including life-saving medical applications, global travel with autonomous vehicles, “smart” utility grids and mission critical industrial robotics.

UL Solutions’ advanced testing capabilities can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) navigate this new standard of PCB reliability. Learn more by downloading the full article.

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