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Designing and Manufacturing Reliable and High-Quality PCBs

This webinar provides an overview of PCB market trends, pitfalls of poorly designed PCBs and various testing options to help enhance consumer confidence in your PCBs.

Human hand repairing printed circuit board

Watch now: Designing and manufacturing reliable and high-quality PCBs

Learn how to increase consumer confidence in your products by demonstrating that your PCB is compliant with regulatory safety requirements and has been tested to the latest reliability and performance standards.

Webinar date

Nov. 15, 2022


Irving Lee, program manager


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are key components of any electronic product. With advances in technology and innovation, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to design more reliable and higher-quality PCBs to meet consumers’ expectations. Any error in the design or assembly of the PCB can lead to product failure, which will impact your brand reputation and consumer trust.

In this webinar, our experts provide an overview of the latest PCB market trends, cover the pitfalls of poorly designed PCBs and help you understand the various testing options to help enhance consumer confidence in your PCBs.

  • Overview of PCB market trends.
  • PWB reliability testing services.
  • Introduction to the IPC scheme.
  • Why partner with UL Solutions for your PCB testing needs?


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