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Hazardous Locations Certification Mark Assistance for Asia and Africa

We can help you to fully understand certification requirements in markets in China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and others, making it easier to gain access to your target markets.

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Minimize compliance delays with market-specific certification 

We can help you understand what you need to bring HazLoc products to your target markets in:

  • China – CCC certification is required in order to gain access for hazardous locations (HazLoc) products to the People’s Republic of China, as of October 1, 2020. UL issued ATEX and IECEx certificates and associated test reports can be used to obtain a CCC certificate. UL has auditors around the world who are qualified to perform CCC factory audits.
  • South Korea – According to the Korean law, KOSHA, KTL and KGS issues KCs certification according to Article 34 of the Industrial Safety health Act. The regulation covers gas and dust atmospheres and follow KS C IEC 60079 series of standards. An IECEx test report issued by UL Solutions may be used as a basis to obtain KC certification. 
  • Taiwan – The Safety Label (TS Mark) for Ex equipment in Taiwan indicates conformity to Taiwan national standards (CNS) and completion of the official registration scheme by Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor. It is currently the mandatory requirement that all Ex equipment acquire a Safety Label prior to importation, sales, distribution, installation or operation in Taiwan.
  • Saudi Arabia – SASO IECEE/IECEx Recognition Certification required for importers at customs to clear the shipment from the ports. UL Solutions is facilitating the process for obtaining the PCoC and sCoC. This advantage from UL Solutions will expedite the application and registration process on SABER to obtain these certificates.
  • United Arab Emirates – ECASEx/EOMEx Certificate of Conformity is required to gain access to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ul Solutions is an approved Notified Body under MoIAT for issuing certificates. 
  • South Africa – An IECEx Certificate or UL Solutions Certification may be used to obtain local IA Certificate in South Africa.
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