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Personnel Competency for Explosive Atmospheres

Certification of competency for employees working in hazardous locations.

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Gain personnel competency through hazardous locations international expertise and real-world experience

Our global network of technical experts helps manufacturers' employees gain the personnel competency they need to compete in a more complex global supply chain. It’s critical for your employees working in areas involving explosive atmospheres (Ex) to have the knowledge and competency necessary to properly and safely perform activities – such as classification, design, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair – in accordance with the applicable International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEx) standards.

We’re an approved IECEx Certification Body (ExCB) for the IECEx 05 Scheme for Units Ex 000, Ex 001, Ex 003, Ex 004, Ex 006, Ex 007, Ex 008 and Ex 009 and can issue both Ex Facility Orientation Certificates (EFOC) and CoPC. Leverage our extensive expertise and real-world experience of our hazardous locations engineers to help gain the essential personnel competency.

Personnel competency for explosive atmospheres certification

The IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence (CoPC) for Explosive Atmospheres provides global industries with a single system for the assessment and qualification of persons to efficiently and safely carry out activities in hazardous areas or areas associated with them.

IECEx certification training

The IECEx 05 Scheme addresses the certification of employee competence involved in activities through 11 Units of Competence, as follows:

  • Basic knowledge and awareness to enter a site that includes a classified hazardous area (Unit Ex 000)
  • Applying the basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 001)
  • Performing classification of hazardous areas (Unit Ex 002)
  • Installing explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems (Unit Ex 003)
  • Maintaining equipment in explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 004)
  • Overhauling and repairing explosion-protected equipment (Unit Ex 005)
  • Testing electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 006)
  • Performing visual and close inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 007)
  • Performing detailed inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 008)
  • Designing electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 009)
  • Performing audit inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres (Unit Ex 010)

Please note, the IECEx CoPC Scheme is not intended for employees involved with:

  • Design or manufacturing of products where the output of their work is verified through testing, assessment or equipment certification
  • Testing and certification bodies, where their competence is verified through the accreditation of a test laboratory or a certifying body
Impartiality statement

We place the utmost importance on the integrity and impartiality of our certification activities, managing conflict of interest, and ensuring objectivity of our certification activities, and the trust it conveys to you and the public at large. The principles inspiring this confidence include impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality and responsiveness to complaints. These principles are identifiable in our Mission Statement.

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