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Hazardous Location (HazLoc) Certification for Global Market Access

Accelerate your market access by minimizing compliance and regulatory delays.

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Market-specific HazLoc certification

Global certification is necessary to compete in today’s modern world. Fortunately, Global Market Access is UL Solutions' specialty, making us experts on HazLoc certification requirements.

By combining our hazardous locations services, we can help you accelerate the certification process and achieve worldwide product acceptance. We have the expertise and know-how to pull our resources and create solution bundles that can ultimately help you reduce costs and minimize time to market.

By acquiring the certifications noted above, you will gain access to a majority of the world markets. However, many regions have local requirements. We can create a global certification solution for those as well. 

Benefits with our HazLoc leadership and expertise

Our specialty is to provide global certification solutions with a roadmap for market acceptance in each region of the world. Our relationships with local certification staff help us understand local regulations and our brand recognition helps us obtain local certification marks using your UL, C-UL, INMETRO, ATEX or IECEx certifications.  

Our HazLoc industry leadership and technical expertise translates into actionable business efficiencies for our customers. As your partner, we can provide a single source solution for combined product evaluation, testing and production audits, which minimizes compliance and regulatory delays while keeping the essential wheels of your business turning.

UL Solutions has a memorandum of understanding or letter of intent with many local organizations to ease your market access. If your business takes you to other regions of the world, we can also help.

HazLoc certification for different product categories

UL Solutions provides Global Market Access solutions for the following HazLoc product categories:

  • Breaks
  • Couplings
  • Gas detectors
  • Heaters
  • Industrial and process controls
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Luminaires
  • Motors
  • Plant oil extraction equipment
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Pumps
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Signaling equipment
  • Wearable technologies
  • Wireless communication

Getting HazLoc certified through UL Solutions

We drive global standards to continually advance and meet ever-evolving product safety, performance and interoperability needs. Our network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities, along with our long-standing relationships with regulatory authorities, partner laboratories and industry technical leaders, enables us to help you gain the compliance credentials you need to compete in a more complex global supply chain. 

Single source provider

Located around the world, our certification staff can help save you time and money with a single, local point of contact for your global certification needs. UL Solutions has the ability to combine different market access into a single project and audit, which may help reduce turnaround time and certification costs.

Knowledge and speed

Our technical experts are versed in a variety of protection methods that translate into actionable business efficiencies. With a global based certification officer (CO) on staff and competent engineers to perform Quality Audits, we can help reduce your certification time.

Global Market Access

We are an active participant and leader in the global standards writing process — not only do we understand the requirements, we helped develop them. In fact, we participate in more than 50 standards writing committees, including TC31 (IECEx), STP (North America), NFPA, API and BSEE, CFR and many others. 

Regardless of your location, UL can provide a single, streamlined process that reduces administrative and project management costs, accelerating your global market access.

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