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Flammable and Combustible Fluids Equipment Services

We can help you navigate the complex regulatory requirements for flammable and combustible fluids equipment. Whether you are a manufacturer, user or inspection authority, we can evaluate, test and certify your equipment.

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Flammable and combustible fluids equipment expertise 

UL Solutions published its first gas and oil safety Standard in 1922, so we have a long history of understanding and addressing gas and oil safety issues. In fact, we are a recognized and respected global conformity assessment provider for equipment associated with gasoline, fuel oils, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), anhydrous ammonia (NH3), oxygen/fuel (oxy/fuel) gases and solvents. With extensive industry experience and expertise, we are available to assist manufacturers, users and inspection authorities with a variety of their gas and oil equipment needs. 

Our global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities helps manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in a more complex global supply chain. Leverage our global brand acceptance and trust to add value to your innovations.

Flammable and combustible fluids equipment services overview

We use the term gas and oil equipment to encompass more than 150 types of products intended for the handling and storage of flammable and combustible fluids. Having such a variety of possible product families can make it complicated to determine which specific requirements apply to your product, how to interpret them, and where your product can be marketed.

Fortunately, we have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate, test and certify your gas and oil equipment in accordance with hundreds of U.S., Canadian, European and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards under the North American, IECEE (CB Scheme) and IECEx conformity assessment systems. 

For gas or oil-fired and solid fuel appliances typically found in the home, we provide comprehensive services as part of our Appliances and HVAC/R industry services.

Flammable and combustible fluids equipment services areas of expertise

UL Solutions provides testing and certification services for the following flammable and combustible fluids equipment:

  • CNG and gasoline dispensers and control equipment
  • Compressed gas gauges
  • Compressed gas manifolds
  • Compressed gas regulators
  • Electric valves and solenoids
  • Gasoline safety (jerrican) cans and flammable liquid storage cabinets
  • Hydrogen cells and stations
  • LP-gas and NH3 storage and transfer equipment
  • Oxy/fuel gas and LP-gas torches and flash arrestors
  • Solid fuel appliances
  • Storage of flammable fluids
  • Tanks and piping
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