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Assemblies, Skids and Machinery in Oil and Gas Compliance Services

A comprehensive system evaluation helps get your products to market faster.

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Streamline acceptance for assemblies, skids and machinery for oil and gas compliance 

For hazardous locations (HazLoc/Ex) skid assemblies, verifying compliance can be challenging if you consider only the individual components. UL Solutions takes a holistic approach and considers the entire assembly and interconnections between parts to help ensure there will be limited regulatory issues or potential red flags from inspectors. These unplanned difficulties can delay getting your product to global markets. 

Our expertise in HazLoc requirements and local codes allow us to evaluate, assess, test, certify and advise skids, machinery and other types of assemblies in order to streamline acceptance by the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), end-user or code authority.

Evaluations for assemblies, skids and machinery in oil and gas compliance

A skid produced by an assembly manufacturer or oil and gas skid manufacturer can be evaluated as a complete, integrated system comprised of individual pieces of equipment.

A modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported.  Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants.  These skid units include equipment skids, oilfield skids, pump skids and tank skids for petroleum, chemical, electrochemical, marine, production, refining, transportation, and oilfield applications, amongst others.

Relevant Standards

IEC TS 60079-46 – Equipment Assemblies

IEC 60079-13 – Pressurized Rooms

EN 50381 – Transportable Ventilated Rooms

UL 2011 – Outline of Investigation for Machinery

UL 2200 – Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies

IEC 60079- and 80079- series

Detailing assemblies, skids and machinery in oil and gas compliance

  • Certifications for USA, Canada, Europe, Brazil, UAE, and other countries
  • IECEx Certification
  • ATEX Certification
  • Canadian Field Certification
  • Unit Verification
  • Limited Production Certification
  • Field Evaluation
  • Review of Risk Assessments
  • Advisory Service
  • Technical File Preparation
  • Training and Competency
  • Letter reports reviewing compliance to API RP 14F/FZ - Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems for Fixed & Floating Offshore Facilities.
  • Letter reports and Inspections to end user or EPC engineering specifications
  • 2nd and 3rd Party inspection project support to IEC 60079-14 and IEC 60079-17 (including regional deviations)
  • NRTL listing and suitability requirements to API RP 14J – Design and Hazards Analysis for Offshore Production Platforms

UL Solutions also certifies gas turbine packages and generator sets for use in explosive atmospheres, for onshore and offshore applications.

Area classification for assemblies, skids and machinery in oil and gas area

A skid that has its own potential source of release, either under normal or abnormal conditions, needs to be provided with area classification documentation addressing the potential source of release. This classification may be different than the classification of the area in which the skid is intended to be installed.

  • Equipment assemblies for use in hazardous (classified) locations in the USA can be certified under UL 2011. Additionally, the HazLoc aspects may require additional protection technique standards to be applied. Wiring would need to comply with the applicable HazLoc parts of the National Electrical Code (NEC).
  • IECEx equipment assemblies are evaluated in accordance with IEC TS 60079-46. This standard was specifically written to address concerns related to certification of hazardous locations equipment assemblies. For wiring methods, IEC 60079-14 would be used. IEC TS 60079-46 requires the equipment to also be evaluated for non-electrical ignition hazards using ISO 80079-36. For individual pieces of hazardous locations-rated equipment, we can assist with Verification of the conditions of use and development of the documentation package.
  • ATEX Ex equipment assemblies can be covered by the ATEX Directive, EN 60079 Series and EN/ISO 80079-36.
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