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INMETRO Hazardous Areas Certification for Brazil

Our local experts can help streamline the process of bringing your Hazardous Locations products to Brazil.

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Streamline hazardous locations INMETRO certification for Brazil

UL Solutions helps simplify entry into global markets by bundling product testing and certification services to meet the requirements of a diverse market’s standards and regulations. Regardless of your location, UL Solutions can provide a single, streamlined process that helps reduce administrative and project management costs, accelerating your Global Market Access.

The UL Solutions brand is highly recognized and accepted by certifiers, installers and regulators in local, regional or international markets. Leverage our global brand acceptance and trust to add value to your innovations.

INMETRO hazardous areas certification for Brazil overview

To sell hazardous locations products in Brazil, you need to apply for National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) certification in accordance with the local ordinance, Portaria INMETRO 115:2022. This sets the rules for electrical and electronic equipment used in hazardous locations. We have a hazardous locations office in Brazil, with a team of experts to assist you with your needs.

INMETRO certification details:
  • ULBR/INMETRO Marking – We can help you identify applicable requirements and assemble a technical file in accordance with INMETRO guidelines.
  • Quality Audits – INMETRO requires a quality assurance process and procedure to be in place to ensure continued compliance with INMETRO requirements.

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INMETRO in Brazil published an update and consolidation of the conformity assessment requirements for hazardous locations products

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