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Legal Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) Industry Services

We can help legal cannabis industry stakeholders navigate this market through our safety, security and sustainability knowledge. Through our services, we can help save you time and mitigate risk.

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Advanced cannabis solutions

Our teams of safety, security and sustainability experts are positioned to help you enter and succeed in the legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry. Whether you have interest in helping ensure the security of your facilities, the safety of your employees and consumers, or the sustainability of your processes, UL Solutions' advisory services, testing, verification, certification, inspections, audits, software, and safety and compliance training can help.

UL Solutions Playbooks for the legal cannabis industry

Cannabis Playbook for Operating a Safer and More Secure Cannabis Facility

Understanding the regulatory requirements for the legal cannabis industry is critical to the safety and security of employees and legal cannabis operations. This guide explains Canada’s legislative framework and local cannabis regulatory and code.

Cannabis Playbook for Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Understanding the application of codes, services and standards for the legal cannabis industry is important to Authorities Having Jurisdiction. This guide outlines considerations for developing a legal cannabis framework.

Cannabis facility audit (CFA) services

A holistic audit of a legal cannabis facility that uses UL Solutions' CAN/ULC-S4400, the Standard for Safety of Premises, Buildings and Equipment Utilized for the Cultivation, Production and Processing of Cannabis, as the guide.

Material and ingredient sourcing platforms

UL Solutions' Prospector® offers accurate, reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of products from suppliers around the world.

Global regulatory monitoring and advisory services

Our global network of experts provide regulatory support services to assist with specific industry issues, regulatory information, and verifying and maintaining product compliance.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)/Good Production Practices (GPP)

UL Solutions can help provide cannabis industry stakeholders with visibility into their supply chains through quality audits to ensure end products meet proper standards and requirements.

CBD plant oil extraction equipment safety testing

Plant oil extraction equipment, including extractors, prefabricated booths/pods, preparatory equipment and post-processing equipment, is evaluated to the requirements of UL 1389, Outline of Investigation for Plant Oil Extraction Equipment.

Alarm certificate services

The UL Solutions Certificate is an alarm company’s declaration that an alarm system has been installed and will be maintained, tested and monitored in accordance with the most up-to-date applicable codes and standards.

Fire and life safety building inspections

Our program provides a complete facility safety plan by working with architects, insurers, investors and building code officials to provide a level of confidence that fire and life safety and security systems will operate properly in the event of a fire or burglary.

Vape device safety testing and certification

UL Solutions' experts will work with you to evaluate the safety of the electrical, heating, battery and charging systems of your vape devices by testing and certifying devices to UL 8139, the Standard for Electrical Systems of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices.

CBD product testing

We use recognized testing methods to help verify that your hemp-derived CBD products and packaging are safe and compliant with applicable regulations.

Benefits for cannabis industry stakeholders

With legalization occurring in more and more geographies, challenges exist for anyone entering the market—growing and processing leaders, building owners, retailers and consumer product manufacturers. UL Solutions' team of experts can help you demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, deliver quality and performance, and enhance sustainability through our broad service portfolio and deep understanding of regulatory concerns.

Regulations and standards

Our offerings cover issues that may arise in a growing and processing operation such as safety concerns for your employees, facilities and the equipment contained within as well as the security of your premises. Our cannabis facility audits take an in-depth look at your facility, equipment and process in order to help ensure compliance to local codes and regulations. Additionally, our cGMP/GPP audits provide quality assurance assessments for cultivators and product manufacturers in order to verify proper processes are followed.

We can help you understand unique regulations regarding product formulation, horticultural equipment, facilities and security, and certify lighting products/systems for North American and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety, performance, photometry and sanitation. Our experts can help your business ensure your lighting and horticultural-related equipment is evaluated for safety, in addition to certifying your oil extraction equipment for use in hazardous locations (HazLoc) or explosive atmospheres.


Plant oil extraction equipment is evaluated to ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 1389, the Standard for Plant Oil Extraction Equipment for Installation and Use in Ordinary (Unclassified) Locations and Hazardous (Classified) Locations. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, you can achieve compliance in a new and changing industry. Testing and safety certification, which can help keep your employees, facility and equipment safe, is available for a wide range of equipment used in HazLoc and ordinary locations, including: 

  • Plant oil extraction equipment and systems for global markets
  • Prefabricated booths/pods
  • Industrial automation systems

Additionally, evaluation of this equipment can help ensure equipment safety:

  • Preparatory process extraction systems
  • Post process extraction systems

UL 8800 testing and certification

Horticultural luminaires, lighting components and grow systems pose unique safety issues that may not be fully addressed by standards developed for general usage luminaries. UL 8800, the Standard for Safety and Horticultural Lighting Equipment, represents the first set of standardized requirements specifically designed for horticultural lighting equipment. Our testing service include, but are not limited to:

  • Photobiological effects
  • Wiring and connection methods
  • Environmental considerations
  • Ingress protection
  • UV exposure of polymetric materials

Manufacturers who achieve certification to the requirements of UL 8800 will have met the most rigorous safety criteria currently applicable to horticultural luminaires and lighting systems.

Testing and certification matters

The rise in popularity of hemp-derived CBD products has set in motion an unfamiliar challenge in the retail industry. The uncertainty of rules combined with record levels of new manufacturers entering this space has led to significant concerns regarding purity, potency and contaminants, putting the health and safety of consumers at risk. Our solutions for retailers help verify that their CBD products are compliant with applicable regulations.


For retailers, local codes may require that you inspect your buildings to help demonstrate building and occupant safety, as well as fire safety and security. By working with UL Solutions to receive a complete facility safety plan, you’ll be confident that your fire and life safety and security systems will operate as they are intended in the case of a fire or burglary. Safety certification for fire and burglar alarm services will help protect your brand while creating confidence with your stakeholders.

Digital tools and software

We have a deep understanding of regulatory concerns and the knowledge and experience to guide regulators on how to address challenges they may face in the market.

Our comprehensive expert services and software will help you source optimal materials and ingredients, meet sustainability goals and deliver transparency to your stakeholders about your supply chain and the goods you provide to your buyers. Our digital tools can also help enable secure and safe transactions to protect your brand and customers.

All of this is offered in addition to safety and compliance training, which will help demonstrate your dedication to safety, security and sustainability to your customers, code authorities and stakeholders through the in-depth technical expertise needed to develop, manufacture, install and deploy safer products throughout the marketplace.

Choose UL Solutions to help your cannabis/CBD business flourish

We are a global safety science leader trusted for our skills relating to regulatory compliance, product certification, inspection, verification and supply chain transparency. We can help you access the global market, comply with regulations and mitigate risks in the legal cannabis and CBD industry regarding safety, security and sustainability. Whether it’s for employees, consumer products, your equipment or facility, we help you empower trust.

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