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Regulation Monitoring

Gain instant self-service access to high-quality chemical regulatory data monitoring.

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Instant access to chemical regulatory insights that help you demonstrate compliance

Illuminator® Regulation Monitoring Software provides direct access to the comprehensive ChemADVISOR® regulatory database and powerful dashboards, monitoring and tracking options for managing complex regulations. With your personalized view, you can see information by country, industry, hazard types and other parameters. Plus, you can set alerts that will notify you when there are changes that may impact your portfolio.

This intelligent and intuitive platform is part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions that empowers you to take critical regulatory information, apply it to your portfolio and mitigate current and potential compliance risks so you can get your products to market faster.

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A look at Illuminator   

Not only does Illuminator connect you with a wealth of ChemADVISOR regulatory data, it helps you see how complex requirements impact your product portfolio so you can be sure to maintain compliance.

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Screen ingredients thoroughly and with ease 

This tool instantly screens your formulas against hazards and industry-specific regulations so you can identify risks, establish policies and facilitate easier sharing among teams.

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Monitor change across your portfolio

You’ll have more visibility with tools such as ingredient-centric collections, defined regions and industries, and WERCS Studio synching (optional). Plus, customize your automated alerts based on frequency and needs.

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Stay on the pulse of the industry

See how your risk profile may change due to efforts by advocacy and advisory groups, follow changes relevant to your portfolio and access expert guidance to identify possible changes.




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Simplified search

Use intuitive tools to pinpoint info in the ChemADVISOR Regulatory Database.

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Alerts that matter

Get automated, focused notifications when changes are necessary. 

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Supports a diverse set of industries

Available for dozens of sectors including agricultural, consumer, electrical, industrial and more.

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Personalized results

Access personalized views based on collections you define. 

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Collaborate with ease

Export data and expertise and share with your global team.



Want to experience true chemical regulatory transparency?

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Want to experience true chemical regulatory transparency?

Schedule a complimentary demo with a UL Solutions software expert today.

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