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Brand Protection and Supply Chain Security Advisory Services

Protecting your products from counterfeiting is a critical component to your success. Not only do counterfeit items hurt your bottom line, they can damage your reputation and ultimately, ruin consumer trust in your brand.

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Nothing is more important than protecting your brand. Counterfeited products and gray market diversion are serious problems. They can easily affect your reputation and have a detrimental impact on consumer trust. Without consumer trust, you’ll have an uphill battle — beating out the competition will be nearly impossible. Fortunately, we have a service that can help mitigate the risk of that happening.

Our brand protection and supply chain security advisory services can help you manage risk and protect your brand equity. Not only can we implement strategies and best practices to help avoid counterfeiting, we can also help determine if your supply chain is adhering to specified compliance standards. Together, these services can help drive confidence and trust in your brand and give you the peace of mind you need to know that your products, and business, are safe.


We have a global footprint spanning over 120 countries, so we’re able to provide an immediate, in-person evaluation of your supply chain — regardless of your location. If we find a problem, our experts can help provide tangible chain of custody evidence for product components to enable an efficient recall process (if necessary) as well as the independent investigation data that may be needed to protect your brand.

As part of our supply chain security services, we also offer monitoring and consultation services to help ensure that you are in compliance with the supply chain security requirements outlined in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

In addition, our C-TPAT compliance services include assessments of potential weak points at the factory level and in the overseas trucking process. We can offer guidance on how to address any vulnerabilities that we identify, helping you prepare for the official C-TPAT validation process.

Why UL Solutions

We can fully manage remediation and improvement processes. Our team evaluates concerns at the factory, warehouse or cargo handling center and provides practical advice on correcting material findings.

We also provide in-depth C-TPAT training and education to brands, retailers and suppliers. Our best practices manual has been developed based on years of in-field experience within the area of global supply chain security. The manual provides detailed information that addresses all security criteria within C-TPAT and offers resources such as sample documents and forms.

Our brand protection services can help customers reduce loss through proactive enforcement of best practices to help reduce the risk of goods being distributed to unauthorized suppliers. Our team of mystery shoppers effectively investigates suspicion of gray market diversion.

Our Brand Protection Starter Kits are the cornerstone of a brand protection compliance program and can be used to help communicate policies and best practices to suppliers.


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