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Legal Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) Safety Testing Services

Testing services for the legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry, horticultural lighting equipment, oil extraction equipment, and building safety and security.

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Safety, security, performance, consistent product quality, risk mitigation and meeting numerous regulatory requirements are important behind-the-scenes fundamentals for grow operations, production facilities, distribution networks and storefront retailers.

Optimizing growth and increasing production efficiency put a spotlight on safety. As a result, a key focus for stakeholders is mitigating risk for the equipment used in the cultivation and processing operations as well as premise security.

Horticultural lighting equipment, oil extraction equipment, and building safety and security systems are just some of the operational investments that are part and parcel of your business.


As an accredited standards development organization (SDO), we develop safety Standards for a wide variety of industries around the globe.

We bring clarity and expertise to the global market while helping you support the responsible production, marketing and purchase of the goods, solutions and innovations of today and tomorrow. We work closely with a variety of diverse stakeholders to help make the world safer by developing Standards and offering certification, validation, Verification, inspection, testing, audits and education to help companies navigate the growing complexities of supply chain management and market access.

Areas of expertise

UL Solutions provides the following safety services for your legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) business:

  • Horticultural Lighting Equipment Certification
  • Safety Certification for Plant Oil Extraction Equipment
  • Building Inspection Services
  • Security Alarm Service Certification
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