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Security Alarm Service Certification

Offering a security alarm certification program that facilitates transparency and gives you the confidence that the alarm service is in compliance with strict standards.

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Our security alarm certification program facilitates transparency and gives alarm service providers, alarm system subscribers, insurance companies and other stakeholders confidence that the service provided by an alarm company is in compliance with strict Standards. We assess alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect and monitor alarm systems, as well as provide runner service and communicate with the proper authorities.

The applicable Standards for a security alarm system are:

  • UL 681 Standard for Installation and Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems
  • UL 827 Standard for Central Station Alarm Services

The UL Solutions certificate is the alarm service company’s declaration that the security alarm equipment, installation, maintenance and service meet and often exceed the minimum standard requirements for performance of a security alarm system.

A UL Solutions security alarm system certificate can only be issued by a UL Listed alarm company. To become UL Listed, you must demonstrate exceptional competence and consistent adherence to relevant standards. To maintain your UL Listing, you must successfully demonstrate compliance on an annual basis through an audit conducted by UL Solutions.

We offer security alarm Listings in the following categories:

  • Central Station Security Alarm Service (CPVX)
  • Mercantile Security Alarm Service (CVSG)
  • Residential Monitoring Stations
Central station burglar alarm service

Intrusion detection systems at a subscriber’s property send signals to a central station. The information is recorded, maintained and processed by trained operators. Central station systems operation is under joint control of the owner and the central station. The specifics of arming and disarming the system are agreed upon in advance and any deviations from that understanding are investigated by the central station. Runners are on duty at all times and are dispatched to investigate any unauthorized entry of protected properties. Local law enforcement may also be dispatched.

An alarm service company with a central ctation cecurity alarm service Listing has the ability to issue UL Solutions certificates.

Mercantile burglar alarm service

Intrusion detection systems can have local alarm annunciation or the alarm system can also send signals to a central station or local law enforcement center. Specific components and operation of a mercantile security alarm system are primarily dictated by the property/business owner, or others interested in the property. For example, an insurance company may require that the security alarm system be equipped with line security. 

Specific responses to alarm signals are not defined in ANSI/UL Standards; the specified response to an alarm signal is defined by and agreed upon by the alarm service provider and the alarm system subscriber and is noted in the service agreement.

An alarm service company with a mercantile security alarm service Listing has the ability to issue UL Solutions certificates.

Residential monitoring stations

A residential monitoring station is a facility that has personnel on duty specifically trained to handle signals received from bank (CPRH), mercantile (CVSG) and residential (CVWY) burglar alarm systems.1 A residential monitoring Listing indicates that the Listed monitoring company has demonstrated compliance to the requirements in UL 827. Those requirements include: building, equipment, staffing, signal processing, signal retransmission and record-keeping.

A monitoring station does not have the ability to issue UL Solutions certificates. The UL Listed monitoring company must be in a contractual agreement with a UL Listed alarm service company.

1Central Station Systems (CPVX) are not covered by a monitoring station.


We facilitate transparency between the alarm service company, the alarm system subscriber and other stakeholders empowering trust in alarm systems and services.

A service agreement is required between the alarm service company and the alarm system subscriber to help ensure that trouble signals are investigated and repaired within a specified timeframe.

The security alarm certification program helps to ensure a reliable and consistent response to alarm signals.

If law enforcement is dispatched as the result of a false alarm, the alarm system subscriber could be at risk of incurring substantial fines. A properly functioning alarm system greatly reduces the risk of false alarms.

Why UL Solutions

We wrote the Standard for the installation and maintenance of security alarm systems, UL 681, the Standard for Installation and Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems, giving the alarm system subscriber and other stakeholders peace of mind that an alarm system is installed, serviced and maintained for optimal performance.

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