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Marketing Claim Verification for HVAC/R

Learn more about ways to differentiate your HVAC/R products in a crowded market with UL Verify.

Control panel of the conditioner system.

UL Marketing Claim Verification for HVAC products

Build trustworthiness in an overcrowded HVAC marketplace with independent verification of your brand’s marketing claims in:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Commercial refrigeration

With UL Verification for HVAC products, your brand benefits from:

  • Independent third-party verification.
  • Enhanced credibility of product claims.
  • Instant product differentiation.

Why UL Solutions for HVAC for verification of marketing claims

The UL Verified Mark offers high visibility and can be used on products, packaging, advertising, and online promotions, as well as on television and via direct mail. Claims can be verified across a wide range of product categories and marketing channels and can be customized according to specific product features. Even better, the UL Verified Mark can be used on already stocked items, which means you won’t be required to make changes to your products for them to qualify.

How the Verification process works

UL Solutions kicks off the Verification process with an in-depth review of your proposed marketing claim. After that, we develop evaluation criteria and a specific testing protocol for your product.

Once UL Solutions has verified the marketing claim, you will receive:

  • A customized UL Verified Mark with a claim unique to your product.
  • A summary report of evaluation results.
  • An authorization letter authorizing the use of the UL Verified Mark.
  • A certificate describing the UL Verified marketing claim.
  • Guidelines for the use of the UL Verified Mark.

All Verified marketing claims are publicly available on our UL Verify database. Buyers can search for records by manufacturer name, product name or a UL Verified Mark’s unique identifier.

Learn seven trust-building marketing claim verification trends for HVAC products and appliances.


E-guide MCV for HVAC/R and Appliances

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MCV Smart Systems Rating Program Brochure

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