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Appliances Global Market Access

Navigate different international rules and regulations and gain market access with our Global Market Access Solution. We’ll work with you to expand your selling opportunities and to keep updated on the latest regulatory changes.

Appliances manufacturers, importers, traders or retailers seeking to bring products safely, effectively and quickly to foreign markets where National regulations and rules makes access to other markets difficult. 

Non-compliant products affect the business strategy, delaying launches, loss of revenue, cost increase and the risks of a product recall, exposing manufacturers to potential legal consequences. 

With numerous scheme and mark requirements around the world, it is essential to have a comprehensive technical know-how to efficiently navigate global markets, gain and monitor access, ensuring the product development process according to the market requirements, be updated on the latest regulatory changes and manage product and component certifications on a trusted cloud-based solution.

UL Solutions appliances global market access

As a global safety science leader, UL Solutions applies deep technical industry expertise, vast regulatory knowledge, strong connections with regulators and the resources of a worldwide network of laboratories allowing for a dedicated, local customer service. We help you gain global market acceptance faster and improve safety, risk management and market success.

For specific countries or multiple markets, our global service package provides a comprehensive compliance solution. This streamlined approach helps customers gain approval in various markets without retesting or working with multiple organizations.

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Browse testing and certification offerings, or keep scrolling for downloadable sales collateral, on-demand webinars and recent news.

Our UL Solutions Global Market Access Portal gives you an overview of some of the certifications that we can assist you with obtaining. Utilizing one centralized point of expertise for testing and certification allows you to receive multiple certifications at once for the trusted UL Mark and other global marks.

Appliances global market access process

Our UL Solutions teams walk customers through a checklist of what is required to enter new regional markets, including conformity-related legal documentation to test reports and product information, diagrams, labeling requirements and more.

To help you improve your products’ speed to market, we provide region-specific regulatory guidance, training and customized solutions and localized services supported by from our engineering experts.

Our range of services covers product testing and certification for different regulatory requirements such as, safety, security, EMC, chemicals, energy efficiency, food-grade quality, wireless and sustainability.

Our experts can help you streamline access to global markets, with Approved and Notified Bodies for industry regulations and certifications for many regional and global programs.

We keep our customers up to date on the latest applicable requirements for the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) CB Scheme, European Norms Electrical Certification (ENEC), Norma Official Mexicana (NOM), Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) and other major market requirements.

Through active participation and leadership in industry standards panels and technical task groups, UL Solutions remains at the forefront of emerging appliances technology. Additionally, we remain engaged with industry associations and government agencies to both stay ahead of critical developments that may impact our customers and support your communications with testing authorities and approval agencies.

Our Global Compliance Management (GCM) provides an end-to-end compliance management solution that helps you keep your active products certified for continued market access by monitoring and alerting you to compliance issues across your entire product portfolio.

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